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Otts documentation

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''Logging In''
==''Logging In''==
There are two types of accepted users that may log into ''oTTs'', students and administrators. The two are distinguished by their email addresses, students have email addresses with domains of ''""'' and professors have email addresses with domains of ''""''. User ID's for both login types are each respective email prefix, for example a user with the email address of '''', their user id would be ''johndoe''. Each user's initial password wil will be emailed to them upon creation of their account by the administratorsystem, the default password may be changed at any time by using the "Change Password" function (see Section 3.1.2 for details).
=== Forgotten Passwords ===
At the main login screen, users will be autheticatedauthenticated, and directed to the appropriate screen. If a user has forgotten their password, it may be retrieved by clicking the ''Reset Password Link'' located above the login button, see ''Figure 2.1''. The user must enter an email address that either has the domain of '''' for a administrator, or a domain of '''' for a student. The user must enter a valid email address associated with their account inorder in order to have their password reset and emailed to them, see ''Figure 2.2''. <br />
[[Image:login_2_1.JPG|center|500px|Figure 2.1 - Location of Password Reset]]<br/>[[Image:login_2_2.JPG|center|500px|Figure 2.2 - Reset Password]]

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