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Otts documentation

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''oTTs, On-Time Timesheets'', is an online system that allows Professors and Students to work collaboratively on System Design Projects. Seneca College's Computer Studies Department emphasizes strong team building skills, as and achieves this through team projects. In the past, student and team progress have been monitored and maintained using conventional word processing documents. These conventional methods have proven to be difficult to synchronize between group members, and tended to lack substantial effort from those who were required to use them. ''oTTs'' creates an online environment where Professors professors and Students students can work together to create and maintain Personal Timesheets personal timesheets and Group Project Filesgroup project files. By allowing easy maintenance of Projects projects and Students students for the Professorprofessor, and simple manipulation functionality of Timesheets timesheets and Project Files project files for Studentsstudents, ''oTTs'' takes the large task of Project project maintenance, and makes it simple for all of those involved.

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