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Delta debugging framework

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Nov. 26, 2006: I moved /deltatest to the main cvs pserver
* Updated the delta debugging algorithm module. I didn't realize this yesterday but the algorithm to find the minimal set of failure inducing files (and code block and line of code changes if those changeset types ever gets dones) is the same (with minor modifications) as the algorithm that can find the minimal set of failure inducing directories. Thus I generalized that algorithm to remove the directory changeset specific code so that it will work with all other types of changesets.
* Removed the debugging/test related code from the source files.
CVS Repository Setup (thanks to [[user:reed|Reed Loden!]]): ''''''
*[ ViewVC Web Repository Browser]
*If you want commit access for whatever reason, email one of the project members
* Even though the test framework is incomplete, I think we can go ahead and begin the initial testing of the delta debugger on a real regressive program as I think we are ready. Coincidentally, exactly 2 months after the first project news posting on Sept. 26, 2006.
=== Nov. 25, 2006 ===

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