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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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=== Week 4 Deliverables ===
* Blog about the [[SPO600 Assembler Lab|assembler lab (Lab 3)]]
== Week 5 ==
=== Tuesday (Sep 30) ===
* [[SPO600 Assembler Lab|Assembler Lab]] review
* [[Inline Assembly Language]]
* [[Compiler Optimizations]]
=== Friday (Oct 3) ===
The [ Linaro Performance Challenge] is a project initiated by [ Jon "Maddog" Hall] and [ Linaro] to port or make portable open source software packages which contain platform-specific code and which may not build on the new Aarch64 architecture.
The [ list of packages] for this project was originally developed by the UK Debian developer Steve Macintyre, who works for Linaro. His focus in developing that list was to find packages that contained assembly language code for x86 (or other platforms) and which did not have assembly language code for ARM, especially Aarch64. As a result, the list includes many false-positives: there are many packages on there that can successfully build on ARM, either due to C work-arounds for the missing assembly code, or conditional compilation of the assembly code, or recent updates to the software, or other reasons.
In this class, we're going to start to triage this list by analyzing which packages exist in the Fedora package set and which have been successfully built for the aarch64 architecture.
This is the approximate plan for this class:
# Grab the list of packages from the Linaro Performance Challenge site.
# Find out the corresponding names of the packages in the Fedora package set. Most of these will be the same as in the list, but some may be different.
# Find out which packages have built on x86_64
# Find out which packages have build on aarch64
# Come up with a short-list which consists of the packages in these groups:
## Packages which do not exist in Fedora -- these need further investigation
## Packages which exist in Fedora and build on x86_64, but which do not build on aarch64
The packages in the short-list will be divided up between the members of the class for further analysis.
=== Week 5 Deliverables ===
* Blog about the potential project list assigned to you