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SPO600 aarch64 QEMU on Ireland

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There is some sample code in the directory <code>~/arm64/spo600/examples</code>, which is also accessible through the symlink <code>~/spo600-examples</code>.
== Setting Up Qemu On Home Machine ==
1. archive your ~/arm64 directory on Ireland:
sudo tar -cvx <directory name>
2. copy that archive and the file /etc/binfmt.d/qemu-arm64.conf to your machine
3. unpack the arm64 archive (use -p to preserve permissions and timestamps) and put the qemu-arm64.conf file in the right location
4. run: sudo systemctl restart systemd-binfmt
5. to switch to arm64/aarch64 mode, type: sudo chroot ~/arm64 # or wherever you put your arm64 directory