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Weekly Schedule 20141 - OOP344

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'''This page is permanently under construction.'''
== Week 1 - Sep 3 Jan 6 ==
=== This Week 1 ===
=== Resources 1 ===
* [ oop344_20141 Etherpad]
* Git
** [ Pro-git book]
** [ IRC Basic Commands]
==Week 2 - Sep 10Jan 13==
===This Week 2===
===To Do 2===
*If you have not already, request an account on this wiki (admin email can be found on wiki login page, top right of the screen)
*Add your information to [[Student List 20133 20141 - OOP344|The Student List]] as soon as possible
<br />
*Git Exercise: ([ You need to generate an SSH key before you can do this exercise])
** Clone the repo in your account to your local machine
** Open the solution in Visual Studio 2012
** Find the errors in the program and fix them (Discussing this on the IRC channel is encouraged, but '''supplying answers is frowned upon''')
** Check your output against the [[oop344-ex1-output]] to be sure you corrected the program properly
** Once complete, add the file to your git stage and commit it with a message that details what you did to fix the program
===Resources 2===
* Single resource that will give you all the knowledge you need about pointers, including information given in the last two classes. '''WARNING! ''' Reading online tutorials is NOT a substitute to visiting '''attending''' in-class lectures.
*: [ Everything you always wanted to know about pointers, but were afraid to ask]
*: [ C++ Function Pointers in detail].
==Week 3 - Sep 17Jan 20==
===This Week 3===
[ link title]
{{collapsible header|Blog Posts 3|3|collapseduncollapsed}}
* [ Fardad's hint on basicMath]
*Wei-Hao Lo's Solution for basicMath Problem.*:[ Wei-Hao Lo's Code]*Here is my Solution to basicMath problem:*:[ Adam's Blog] *:Zhen's slight improvement to Adam's code *:[ Adam's code]*Andrew's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Andrew's Blog] *:Len's slight improvement to Andrew's code *:[ Len's code]*Zach's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Zach's Blog]*Zhen's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Zhen's code] *:Ragu's slight modification to Zhen's code *:[ Ragu's Code]*Sehui's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Sehui's code]*Mohammad's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Link to code]*Kirill's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Kirill's code]*Brad's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Brad's Blog]*Dima's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Dima's Code]*Qin's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Qin's Blog]*Benson's Solution for basicMath problem:*:[ Benson's Blog]*Luke Jingwei Sun@YorkBuster's Solution for Add your blogs here! Your blogs should discuss the BasicMath problem:*:[ ParBlog] Takes advantage of: *:GitHub *:Object Oriented Concepts which and may include the class *:Preprocessor macro *:Namespace *:[ GitHub source code of all stages(Feel free to folk and improve)]*Dimple's solution for basicmath problem*:[ SecA:Dimple Amin]*Roman's solution for basicmath problem*:[ Roman's Blog]*Hyunsu Lee's solution for basicmath problem*:[ Noname]*Justin Chow's magnificent solution to the basicmath problem*:[ Justin's answer]*Yunki Lee's solution for basicmath problem*:[ Yunki's Blog]*Andrey's solution for basicmath problem*:[ Andrey's Blog]*Dmitry's solution for basicmath problem*:[, improvements, etc.html Dmitry's Blog]*Nak Gui's solution for basicmath problem*:[ Nak Gui's Blog]*Haysean's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Haysean's Blog]*Ruojia's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Ruojia's Blog]*Koghu's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Koghu's Blog]*Gabriel's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Gabriel's Blog]*Lina's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Gyeongmin (Lina)'s Blog]*Dima's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Dmitry Yastremskiy's Blog]*Dima's solution for environmental variables function *:[ Dmitry Yastremskiy's Blog]*Hoon's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Euihoon (Hoon)'s Blog]*Kamlesh's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Kamlesh Korat's Blog]*Shaohua's solution for basicMath problem*:[ Shao's Blog]*Justin Sean Wilkin's solution*:[ BasicMath on Justin's Blog]Hasan
===Resources 3===
* Void Pointers
==Week 4 - Sep 24==
===This Week 4===
* Project introduction
* [ CIO Library]
** contains the bconsole.h and bconsole.cpp files for the assignment, also contains a start to the assignment with a near complete console.h file and a non-finalized version of the display method, and a rough skeleton of the edit method
==Week 5 - Oct 01==
===This Week 5===
* Pointers (function pointers)
*:[ Function Pointers]
*:[ Pure Virtual]
==Week 6 - Oct 08==
===This Week 6===
* Linked Lists
*Linked Lists:
*Linked Lists (video):
==Week 7 - Oct 15==
===This Week 7===
* Project review
===Resources 7===
==Week 8 - Oct 22 (STUDY break)==
===This Week 8===
===Resources 8===
==Week 9 - Oct 29==
* Section AB:
** Initializing vs Setting/Assigning Objects
===Resources 9===
==Week 10 - Nov 5==
===This Week 10===
* Section AB:
===Resources 10===
==Week 11 - Nov 12==
===This Week 11===
* Section AB:
*Templates - YouTube link (Bucky's C++ Programming Tutorials, videos 58-61):
*[ Application of Bitwise Operations] very good video on bitwise operators
==Week 12 - Nov 19==
===This Week 12===
*Section ABC:
* A good tool for viewing and editing binary files: [ Free Hex Editor Neo]
==Week 13 - Nov 26==
===This Week 13===
*Section AB:
* [ Multiple Inheritance: Introduction]
* [ Multiple Inheritance: Virtual Inheritance]
==Week 14 - Dec 3==
===This Week 14===
===Resources 14===
==Exam Week ==
* Wednesday Dec 11th, at 11:30
*: OOP344AB, Room: S3031
** 2 sets of bound notes (book + notes) allowed
** Should be set (stapled papers or whatever)