Soda.js: an interface extention to Popcorn.js

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Project Description

Create Soda.js, an interface extention to Popcorn.js. To see a video demo of Popcorn.js, click here.

Soda.js will provide innovative and non-standard user interfaces for commonly needed web video controls (ie. visual timelines, play, pause, volume control).

The features implemented in Soda.js are specially aimed at the needs of the Global Lives Project.

Project Leader(s)

Joel Young - main developer for the video wrapper and User Interface (Soda.js) work for the Global Lives Project

Anna Sobiepanek - main Seneca/popcorn.js developer

Crystal de Nobrega

Project Contributor(s)

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Project Details

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Project News

Regular updates on the status of the project, news about community participation and problems encountered:

Sept. 27 Introduced to one of three project contacts: annasob on Moznet's #popcorn channel.
Viewed Soda.js interface mockups, learning about the Global Lives Project.
Sept. 30 This wiki page is created.
Emailed Humph to get officially assigned to this project.
Problem: not quite sure of the exact scope of the Soda.js project.
Oct. 1 Tentative Initial Project Plan published to Crystal's blog.