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Will be finished before the Winter Solstice!

Team Members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Michael Wang B mmwang2 Michael Mengyuan Wang mekko MichaelMWang Michael's Blog
Bruno Pereira B bpereira5 Bruno Pereira bpereira bpereira5 Open Source
Kanghoon Park B kpark27 Kanghoon Park kpark27 kpark27 Kang's Blog
Matthew Torrance B mstorrance - - mstorrance -
Dyllon Ricardo A ddricardo - - - -

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      xx%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: xx% +      (50 <= xx <= 75)
Total           100%

Coding Ethics

  • TBA


  • repo id:

Trunk Status

--start of sample--

  • committed/committing by
    Learn ID: mmwang2
    Name: Michael Wang
    Date: Sept 17, 2012
    Github ID: MichaelMWang
    Comments: fixed segment fault in function1, main.cpp

--end of sample--


task name

  • Assigned to: name


topic, date

  • latest will be on top