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silent coding works

  • This group take its name seriously lol, real silent.


  • All done for now?, need testing


Fix console insert bug occurred in A1 last test

  • How to produce: On a freshly started instance, press insert and type to the end, it will go out of scope. You may want to take a look at the display compare test as well, it didn't look right to me.
  • Assigned to: Presumed hchobanlou since he wrote it
  • Status: Not done (important?)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due right after study break

Group work:      XX%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: XX% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


  • repo id: oop344_121rep01

Trunk Status

  • committed/committing by
    id: avtran3
    name: Anh Tran
    irc nick: kiosk
    Changes: all changes needed for R0.1
    FEB-16-2012 || 11:06 PM
  • id: avtran3
    name: Anh Tran
    irc nick: kiosk
    Changes: everything needed for R0.2, code clean up, remove obsoleted project files
    MAR-09-2012 || 2:39 PM


  • latest will be on top

topic, date


Team Members

Team Name (team x)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Kwok Wong B kwong67 kwong67 venven oop344
Hesam Chobanlou B hchobanlou hchobanlou hchobanlou arcoop344