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Dive into Mozilla IRC Lab #1

  • What is a Firefox Extension?

An extension is a small program developed to add extra functionality to Firefox. It is downloaded and installed separately from the actual Firefox application. Currently most Firefox extensions end in the .xpi file extension. Because they are extra addon programs, Firefox allows the user to disable or uninstall each addon separately.

Developing addons usually requires programmers to target a specific major version of Firefox as it is not guaranteed to work across future releases.

  • What is a Firefox Theme?

Themes are skins that allow you to change the look and feel of the browser and personalize it.

Themes are like new clothes for your Firefox. A theme can change only a few colors, or every piece of Firefox's appearance. It's another great way to personalize Firefox to your tastes.

  • How to get and install Firefox add-ons.

- Open Mozilla Browser
- go to Tools
- click Add-ons which will open the add-on window like this[[1]]
- choose any extensions or theme you like from each Category, and then download and install

  • List and describe as many extensions/themes as you can

Listing of extensions here.

  • Bugmenot
    Fills in registration information automatically.
  • Webdeveloper
    Offers too many developer tools to list. A must have for all web developers.
  • Download Statusbar
    See the progress of all your downloads without leaving the main browser window to look at the Download Manager window.
  • Mr. Tech Local Download
    Allows local installs of extensions instead of depending on the Mozilla Extensions site.
  • GoogleBar
    Offers all the Google services on one toolbar as well as Google search that has autocomplete and autosuggest to help users find the most popular searches. It also frees up the included Google search to use another search like Wikipedia.
  • RealPlayer
    This extension adds support to RealPlayer files.
  • IE Tab
    Allows users to view a page using IE's rendering engine. Good for viewing pages designed specifically for IE. An added benefit is when debugging applications, you can have 2 different user accounts logged in to the same site to see the difference.


  • BlackJapan
    Love it or Hate it theme.
  • [[2]]
  • azureFox
  • TheAvatar
    This theme is based on the Japanese Animation "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Four elements (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth) are present in this theme.
  • SailorMoon
    This theme is based on the cartoon "Sailor Moon".