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Task: write a document that describes:

  • What is a Firefox Extension?

An extension is a small program developed to add extra functionality to Firefox. It is downloaded and installed separately from the actual Firefox application. Currently most Firefox extensions end in the .xpi file extension. Because they are extra addon programs, Firefox allows the user to disable or uninstall each addon separately.

Developing addons usually requires programmers to target a specific major version of Firefox as it is not guaranteed to work across future releases.

  • What is a Firefox Theme?

Extensions are installable enhancements to the Mozilla Foundation's projects (and compatible variants such as Portable Firefox), and add features to the application or allow existing features to be modified. Mozilla developers intend Firefox to be a fairly minimal browser in order to reduce software bloat and bugs, while retaining a high degree of extensibility, so that individual users can add the features that they prefer. They are installed via XPInstall modules.

  • How to get and install Firefox add-ons.

  • List and describe as many extensions/themes as you can

Listing of extensions here.
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