Se ela tem teto solar se o nome dela começa com santa 20

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MP3 participants, cell phones also PDAs are just some few of the portable devices that is charge for a USB cable. These items in addition happen to be portable, which makes it susceptible to a dead battery when you're out. Dropping into the nearest home or store to charge up isn't honestly any option but you may have power wherever the sun shines with this easy to construct solar USB charger.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Require

Solar garden lights Drill Little gauge wire Candy Tin 1/4-inch mono audio connector Soldering iron and solder

Advocate Edits

1 Receive apart the solar panel out of a garden light assembly also remove the solar panel, battery and circuit board. Remove the wires plus any old solder from the connections and mark the link pattern for putting it back jointly.

3 Thread the wires by means of the again of the tin alongside the hinge. Insulate the solar panel from touching the metal lid and safe it with place in glue.

4 Solder the ¼-inch mono jack to the make contact with of the LED light. This gives you a way to verify that is the unit yous working plus the power remains flowing.

5 Insulate the within regarding the candy tin also solder the remaining contacts. Place the circuit board and wires into the box being careful not to place stress on the connections. Deal with any bare connections with tape or silicon very here are no shorts.

6 Connect your USB device through the ¼-inch mono jack plus confirm it is charging. Appear for a brief circuit if you're never getting any charge and insulate that area.