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== '''Project Leader''' ==
== '''Project Leader''' ==
[[User:Derek.ambrose|Derek Ambrose]]
[User:Derek.ambrose|Derek Ambrose]
== '''Project Contributor(s)''' ==
== '''Project Contributor(s)''' ==

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Project Name

Bespin Bug# #516852: scrollbar cursor should change

Project Description

The editor's cursor doesn't change to the appropriate cursor when it's over the custom scrollbars that the editor has.

Project Leader

[User:Derek.ambrose|Derek Ambrose]

Project Contributor(s)

NOTE: only Project Leader(s) should add names here. If another name appears in this section other than one added by the leader(s), it will be removed once noticed.

Project Details

The Bug is filed on bugzilla #516852. Unfortunately, after spending a good amount of time on the bug, it appears that the bug was in a previous version of bespin (0.0.4 running online, whereas the current version is 0.0.7) and is outdated. I am no longer working on this bug as there is nothing to work on.