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SYA810 - System Administration II


SYA810 is taught by User:Chris Tyler (Winter 2009)

Weekly Outline

See the Winter 2009 SYA810 Weekly Schedule for specific dates and topics.

Subject Description

In this course, students will complete the Open Source projects started in the first semester (or new projects, if the first projects are complete) and learn system configuration and tuning techniques.

Credit Status

1 credit in the LUX program.



Specific Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of advanced storage solutions, including RAID arrays, SANs, and multi-layered storage
  • Understand Linux memory management
  • Monitor and improve system performance
  • Collaborate with an Open Source community

Topic Outline

  • Advanced Storage Solutions - 15%
    • RAID
    • SANs
      • iSCSI
    • Multi-layer storage systems
  • Backup and Restore - 15%
    • Online, offline, and remote solutions
    • Scheduled backup
  • Performance Tuning - 15%
    • System resources
      • Memory
      • CPU
      • I/O
    • Finding bottlenecks
    • Problem remediation
  • Collaboration with Open Source Communities - 55%

Modes Of Instruction

2 hours interactive lecture per week, and 2 hours lab time per week

Prescribed Text

  • Fedora Linux by Chris Tyler; ISBN 0-596-52682-2 published by O'Reilly & Associates

Reference Material

  • Course Wiki

Promotion Policy

To obtain a credit in this subject, a student must:

  • Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the final exam
  • Satisfactorily complete all assignments
  • Achieve a weighted average of 55% or better for the tests and final exam
  • Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the overall course

Modes of Evaluation

  • 70% Project deliverables and communication
  • 10% Cross-contribution to other Open Source projects
  • 10% Presentations
  • 10% Labs and quizzes