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Making a Fedora Custom (Spin) CD

  • Login to Fedora 8 Test system in lab T2107
  • Authenticate yourself using FireFox
  • Run "yum update"
  • Run "yum install libvirt virt-manager"
  • Use Virtual Machine Manager and set up a Fedora 9 VM on /dev/sdb
  • Login to Fedora 9 VM
  • Install all updates - this may take a while
  • Run "yum install pungi"
  • Copy this kickstart file - call it f9-ks.cfg
  • Run "pungi -c f9-ks.cfg --nosource --force --ver=F9"
  • Burn a copy of the ISO onto a CD and verify it on another PC
  • Modify f9-ks.cfg to customize the spin to your liking - eg add package isomaster and create your own version of Fedora
  • Finally, write a blog about this lab and email your teacher when done