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Question 1. List the steps to mount newly created partition Automatically. The partition is '/dev/sda4' and the mount point to mount the partition is /DATA.

1. Open the file named '/etc/fstab/ in editor

  vi /etc/fstab

2. make the following entry at the end of file

   /dev/sda4   /DATA      ext3    defaults     0 0

3. save the file and reboot

the newly created partition /dev/sda4 will automatically be mounted on /DATA

Question 2. To decrease in size a file system, the command lvreduce is used, what is the difference in between the two ways showed next? (Assuming that the file system size now is more than 2 Gb):

1- lvreduce SENECA/LUX -L2G

2- lvreduce SENECA/LUX -L -2G

Using the first command, the file system size will be 2 Gb, while in the second way we are subtracting 2 Gb from the current size, 
if we don't know the current size we won't be able to know what size the file system will be exactly.