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Example Midterm Test Questions

1. List the 5 steps (exact commands) you would enter in order to
   format an ext3 file system on hard drive partition /dev/sdb2,
   label it BACKUP, set its maximum mount count to 50, check it for 
   errors and mount it on directory /mnt. 

   You should assume the mount point and the hard drive partition
   already exist and that the partition has never been formatted.

   [ Each command is worth one mark. ]

	   1st COMMAND: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb2

	   2nd COMMAND: e2label /dev/sdb2 BACKUP

	   3rd COMMAND: tune2fs -c 50 /dev/sdb2

	   4th COMMAND: e2fsck -ycfv /dev/sdb2

	   5th COMMAND: mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt
2. Describe the process to create two partitions, physical volume, volume group, filesystem, label it, extent the volume group and logical volume and then resize the filesystem.
           1st COMMAND: fdisk /dev/sdb

	   2nd COMMAND: pvcreate /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2

	   3rd COMMAND: vgcreate seneca /dev/sdb1

	   4th COMMAND: lvcreate -n home --size 500M seneca

           5th COMMAND: mkfs.ext3 /dev/seneca/home

           6th COMMAND: mount /dev/seneca/home /mnt

           7th COMMAND: e2label /dev/seneca/home myhome

           8th COMMAND: vgextend seneca /dev/sdb2

           9th COMMAND: lvextend -L +1G /dev/seneca/home

           10th COMMAND: resize2fs /dev/seneca/home

     +------[ Volume Group (VG)   -  lvmdsk ]------+
     | +--[ PV - hda1 ]---+ +--[ PV - hdb1 ]--+    |
     | | PE PE PE PE PE PE| | PE PE PE PE PE  |    |
     | +------------------+ +-----------------+    |
     |    |  |                   |        |        |
     |    |  | +-----------------+        |        |
     |    |  +----------------+           |        |
     |    |    |              |           |        |
     |  +-[ LV - var ]-+    +-[ LV - home ]-+      |
     |  | LE LE LE LE  |    | LE LE LE LE   |      |
     |  +--------------+    +---------------+      |

3. Steps to compile the linux kernel

 1st make mrproper
 2nd make oldconfig
 3rd make menuconfig
 4th make 
 5th make modules_install         

4. Steps to reduce the LV (logical Volume)

 1. To reduce the volume the file system has to reduced first. 
    In this example the original size of LV is 240 MB and we 
    have to reduce it by 200. Means the resulting LV size would be 40 MB
(a)File system has to unmounted before reducing
     #umount /mnt

(b)make sure the file system is in consistence state before reducing

     # fsck -f /dev/seneca/home

(c)reduce the size by 200MB

     # resize2fs /dev/seneca/home 40M

(d)Now we can reduce the LV. 

     #lvreduce /dev/seneca/home -L 40M

PS: wrong values/parameters may render file system unavailable 
ref:RHCE exam Book