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Welcome to SRT210 - The Pragmatic Art of Administration

What This Course is About

The more you understand about how a system works - the better you'll be prepared to validate its security and make a plan to keep it as secure as the organisation requires.

In this course you'll get a hands-on overview of several very common systems used on private networks and the internet today.

Learning by Doing

Most of the learning in this course occurs through the hands-on problem solving that takes place in the labs and assignments.

Requirements for Success

  • It is very important to stay up-to-date with the coursework, and to practice until you have confidently mastered each task.
  • The notes that you make during the labs and assignments are your reference material for the quizzes, tests, and assignments. Take really good notes, and if you have questions, experiment and consult with your professor.
  • Carefully read ALL lab instructions and check your work regularly. Since you'll have the administrator password for your systems - you have full control over them and can damage them beyond repair with a single mistyped command.

Course Faculty

During the Summer 2019 semester, SRT210 is taught by:

Required Materials (for second class)

Solid State Drive (SSD)Minimum Capacity: 240 GB
CentOS 7 Full Install
DVD Image
Download at Seneca Lab
Download from Home
CD Image
Download at Seneca Lab
Lab Log-book
(download & print
Both sides per lab permitted)
Download PDF
Andrew Smith
Sections A and B
Andrew's schedule

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