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When you want to install any package, just go to the port directory and install it. In this case is under www directory, /usr/ports/www/apache13-modperl. It will download from and start make. The progress took a while since the connection in Seneca is slow. When I install at home it took about 30 minutes to finish 'make' in my VM. And I waited about 3 hours for the make at seneca and it never finished.

I personally prefer yum and apt-get instead of FreeBSD "port" method. Because they have a great search function that let you search by keyword. Of course you can do the simulatr thing in FreeBSD with some ls command. It's just much more easier in Linux.

Mohak Vyas

# vim /usr/local/etc/apache22/httpd.conf

replace the line "ServerAdmin"" with the systems administrators e-mail address.

replace "ServerName" line with hostname of your server accordingly

# echo "apache22_enable="YES" >> /etc/rc.conf

  1. echo "apache22_http_accept_enable="YES" >> /etc/rc.conf
  1. apachectl configtest
  1. /usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache22 start