SRA840 Lab1

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SRA840 Lab1


[FreeBSD Handbook ]


Kezhong Liang

Differences between FreeBSD and Fedora installation
1. FreeBSD uses the concept of Slice and doesn't support the operation to the logical partition.
2. FreeBSD uses one of the slice of a disk as SWAP and Fedora uses individual partition as SWAP. 
3. FreeBSD supports UFS file system and Fedora supports EXT2, EXT3, and so on.
4. GUI may not be installed on FreeBSD.
Pros of FreeBSD installation process 
Some cons here..
Cons of FreeBSD installation process 
Some Pros here...
differences in disk drives labeling and supported file systems 
files in the /etc directory (what each of them do) 
setting up a network 
start-up scripts in FreeBSD