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The SICT Meeting Area is inside the SICT Applied Research area (including the Data Analytics Research Centre) in K2020 at CITE (Building K, Newnham Campus).

Room facilities

  • Conference table, 6 seats
  • Whiteboard
  • LCD monitor with HDMI inputs
  • Power outlets

CLI Script

A small bash script to display the bookings for a given day is available: SICT AR Meeting Area CLI Script.


This area is booked via this web page. To add a booking, please add a row to this table; you'll need to login (or create an account) to edit. You can sort this table using the icons beside the column headers.

Unsorted Data!
Rows will not be in chronological order until you sort them. Please sort by clicking on the arrow icon before adding to the table, in order to avoid double-booking.
Date and time Purpose Contact person
2020-01-01 08:00-09:00 Test Entry Chris Tyler