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BoChao ctyler: ping 13:08
* Kamots|Away has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) 13:19
ctyler BoChao: pong 13:20
* ahilts ( has joined #seneca 13:21
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ctyler BoChao_, jddeni ... any other sbr600's here? 13:30
ctyler well, we just lost BoChao 13:31
jddeni ctyler: I don't think so 13:31
jddeni ctyler: to be honest I dont even know the other people's names lol 13:31
jddeni ctyler: besides Boris and alex 13:31
ahilts ctyler: im sbr 13:32
* BoChao_ has quit ("Lost terminal") 13:32
ctyler Boris, Alex, Jonathan, Mohamed, Arlene, and Adam 13:33
ctyler ok, we have two, looks like Boris is trying to be here but defeated by the powers of SeneNet 13:33
ctyler ahilts: why does XChat think you are Bruce Lee? 13:33
jddeni cytler: Alex is coming 13:34
jddeni ctyler: Alex is coming* 13:34
ahilts hmm i am not realy sure 13:34
ahilts i not sure where to find that info or where to change it 13:35
ctyler Ok. 13:35
ahilts oh i found it nvm 13:35
ctyler Need a status update: why don't I see blog posts about the difference between modified and unmodified cpp performance? 13:35
ahilts I am just about to post mine as we speak 13:36
ctyler Wonderful! 13:36
ctyler Any others? 13:36
jddeni ctyler: I was going to work on it during the weekend, but as you know I got sick I was pretty much incapacitated until today where i went to the doctors, I will try to work on it at some point today 13:36
ctyler Ok. 13:36
ctyler Others? Are there technical issues or just lack of time? 13:37
ctyler Ok, we have four weeks. I'd like to get DXR packaged and ready to go into Fedora by FUDCon. 13:39
* BoChao ( has joined #seneca 13:39
ctyler I'm not sure we can get it into Fedora by then, because there are some legal and packaging issues to work out. 13:39
ctyler Welcome BoChao, do you have a post on modified vs. unmodified g++ for me? 13:40
BoChao i do, when my Internet at home comes back up on friday :( 13:40
ctyler so we have four weeks. We need to start with what we have from humph (viewsource), next step is to get the dxr stuff from him and we'll hack on that. Both rely on the same foundation, which is modified gcc/g++ along with the dehydra plugin. 13:41
ctyler BoChao: USB flash drive to school, upload from there. Sound like a plan? 13:41
BoChao sure 13:41
ctyler So we need to get this modified gcc packaged up, and we need dehydra packaged up, and we need the viewsource app packaged up. 13:42
ctyler Who wants to do what? 13:42
ctyler It's going to be messy, for sure. Our job is to get it cleaned up. 13:43
ahilts i could package gcc i suppose 13:43
ctyler I think the best approach is to get it working *in any form*, and then clean it up as round 2. 13:44
BoChao I can try to package dehydra 13:44
ctyler Ok, ahilts is down for gcc and BoChao for dehydra, that leaves the viewsource web app for jddeni :-) 13:44
jddeni I suppose so 13:44
jddeni I have to still do my gcc tests first 13:45
ctyler The other 3, who aren't here, will pick up later pieces. 13:45
ctyler jddeni: yep. Time's a-wasting! 13:45
ctyler You folks saw the post about F12 going gold (that I forwarded?) 13:45
ctyler That means that it will be released on Tuesday. 13:45
BoChao yes, i recieved your email 13:46
ctyler It also means that F-13 alpha freeze is 11 or 12 weeks away. 13:46
jddeni looking forward to it 13:46
BoChao but what does Going Gold mean? 13:46
ctyler The "gold disk" is also called the "Release to manufacturing" (RTM) disk. 13:47
ctyler It's what you send to the CD pressing plant if you're releasing a boxed retail product. 13:47
ctyler In this case, it means the ISO images that people will download. 13:47
jddeni and they will be available next tuesday 13:47
BoChao oh, ok 13:47
ctyler So if they're gold, they just have to get this out to the mirrors. It takes a surprisingly long time to get all the mirrors in sync, several days. 13:48
ctyler The permission bits on the download dir will be something like 0600 13:48
ctyler The final update, Thursday at 10 am, is to fixup the permission bits to open the downloads. 13:48
* apvlahopoulos ( has joined #seneca 13:49
ctyler Hey apvlahopoulos 13:49
apvlahopoulos hello 13:49
apvlahopoulos sorry i am late 13:49
ctyler np 13:49
apvlahopoulos i had to attend to a very hungry stomach 13:49
ctyler Looking for your modified-vs-unmodified gcc blog post. 13:49
ctyler Hmm? 13:50
apvlahopoulos so funny story... 13:50
apvlahopoulos i live in a condominium 13:50
* ctyler bugged the others before you got here, not picking on you 13:50
apvlahopoulos and this weekend... all the internet connections for the entire complex decided to shut off 13:50
apvlahopoulos i just got internet last night, so i will get on that post ASAP now 13:50
ctyler you and BoChao live in the same building? he's down until Friday 13:51
apvlahopoulos lol wow really? 13:51
apvlahopoulos no completely different 13:51
ctyler s/the dog ate my homework/the Internet kept me from posting/ 13:51
BoChao haha no, I have signal issues with Rogers 13:51
apvlahopoulos i live all the way in ajax lol 13:51
ctyler ok, so like I said to BoChao: 13:51
apvlahopoulos my dog ate my laptop 13:51
apvlahopoulos  :) 13:51
apvlahopoulos LOL 13:51
ctyler BoChao: USB flash drive to school, upload from there. Sound like a plan? 13:52
ctyler s/BoChao/apvlahopoulos/ 13:52
ctyler Ok, as I was saying, F12 is gold 13:52
apvlahopoulos (i didnt go to school yesterday... teacher cancelled class) 13:52
ctyler so it's being queued for mirroring and will be out on Tuesday 13:52
apvlahopoulos and to drive 45 minutes to north york from ajax :S lol 13:52
ctyler so then the focus will shift to F13 and the features and packages it will contain 13:53
apvlahopoulos anyways, i will have it complete. 13:53
ctyler we want to get DXR into F13, so we need to get hopping. 13:53
BoChao so ctyler, you want us to create an RPM for the modified gcc / dehydra / viewsource? 13:53
ctyler So humph's script mixes together viewsource and modified gcc and dehydra, we need to split it up 13:53
ctyler we can split up his script, or write one .src.rpm that produces multiple binary rpm's 13:54
apvlahopoulos *runs away* 13:54
ctyler I suggest we split it up, because there will be different licences etc. 13:55
ctyler so you can edit his script to just build the bit you are packaging. If you depend on another bit, then you can just BuildRequires that 13:55
ctyler we also need a class repo for this 13:55
ctyler apvlahopoulos, since you were late, you are repo master 13:56
ctyler get it set up on Scotland and set the permissions etc. so everyone can put their .src.rpms there 13:56
* Arlene_Daniel ( has joined #seneca 13:56
ctyler hi Arlene_Daniel 13:56
apvlahopoulos omg 13:56
apvlahopoulos repo master? 13:56
apvlahopoulos i shouldnt be master of anything. 13:56
ctyler you're in charge of the repository 13:57
apvlahopoulos lol great 13:57
ctyler Arlene_Daniel, how's it going? 13:57
ctyler haven't seen your modified vs. unmodified blog post yet 13:57
Arlene_Daniel not bad 13:57
ctyler I've been bugging all the others, when will I see yours? 13:57
apvlahopoulos hmmm arlene came later than me 13:57
apvlahopoulos lol 13:57
apvlahopoulos repo master? 13:57
ctyler apvlahopoulos: don't worry, I've got one for her too 13:57
apvlahopoulos oh dear 13:57
ctyler Arlene_Daniel: you should have heard the stories they've come up with so far, dogs eating laptops, internets being broken, all kinds of stuff 13:58
jddeni H1N1? :P 13:58
ctyler So when will I see your post? 13:58
ctyler that too 13:58
Arlene_Daniel after on 13:59
Arlene_Daniel on 13:59
Arlene_Daniel post for gcc and morl 13:59
Arlene_Daniel mork 13:59
apvlahopoulos mork? did i miss something? 13:59
ctyler nano nano 14:00
apvlahopoulos i am so lost. 14:00
* ctyler realizes that was probably before your (plural) time 14:00
jddeni probably lol 14:01
* mohamedaden ( has joined #seneca 14:01
ctyler Arlene_Daniel: like I'm telling the others, I need that post by the end of last week! 14:01
Arlene_Daniel ok 14:01
ctyler mohamedaden: I have to ask you the same question as I'm asking the others: Where is your post on modified vs. unmodified gcc? 14:01
Arlene_Daniel will have them up today 14:02
ctyler Arlene_Daniel: great, thanks 14:02
mohamedaden Yes, I did it but I did not post it 14:02
ctyler mohamedaden: Well, post it already. 14:02
mohamedaden not yet. 14:02
ctyler Ok, now that we're all here, let me recap the previous conversation. 14:03
apvlahopoulos i will be have 2 posts today , live cd and gcc 14:03
apvlahopoulos not to worry sir! 14:03
ctyler F12 has gone gold and will be out on Tuesday. Attention will be turning to F13. 14:03
ctyler We want to get DXR into F13 -- that's our goal. 14:03
ctyler We need to tell Fedora (the community) about it at FUDCon, 4 weeks from now. 14:03
ctyler We have 3 things to package so far: gcc, dehydra, and viewsource. 14:04
ctyler Three of you are already lined up to package those. 14:04
ctyler apvlahopoulos is managing the repo on Scotland. 14:04
ctyler Arlene_Daniel, I need you to start work on an image to demonstrate DXR's capabilities (start with a live disc). 14:05
Arlene_Daniel ok 14:05
ctyler That leaves mohamedaden, and I'm going to ask you to do QA. 14:06
ctyler You're going to test the packages and do your best to break them. 14:06
ctyler Everyone OK with their role? 14:07
apvlahopoulos  :) 14:07
jddeni yes sir 14:07
ahilts ill be alright till the fitsy problem 14:07
BoChao i'm ok 14:07
apvlahopoulos i kind of want to cry, but I'll be okay. 14:07
mohamedaden what is QA? 14:08
ctyler Quality Assurance -- testing, making sure stuff works 14:08
mohamedaden OK 14:08
Arlene_Daniel and an image 14:08
ctyler right 14:09
Arlene_Daniel only an image 14:09
Arlene_Daniel lol 14:09
mohamedaden I am stuck with koji. 14:09
ctyler mohamedaden: since you have nothing to test yet, I'm also going to ask you to create a wiki page for this project. Link from our week-by-week to that page, and then break out separate pages for each subproject. blog about it so we all know where to find it. 14:10
ctyler Arlene_Daniel: you'll need to make *lots* of images :-) You can start with a basic one now, but you'll need to pull in the other student's packages as soon as they're ready, and there will probably be multiple versions of those packages, hence multiple images. 14:10
Arlene_Daniel alright then 14:11
ctyler ok, what's our timeframe for first-draft versions of the packages? 14:11
apvlahopoulos next tuesday? 14:12
ctyler sounds reasonable. We'll need the repo and wiki up before that, let's aim for Friday for those pieces.7 14:12
ctyler If anyone gets stuck, I'm here on IRC. 14:13
apvlahopoulos sounds good 14:13
ctyler Any questions? 14:13
* BoChao has quit ("Lost terminal") 14:13
ctyler I guess none from Borris! 14:13
ctyler Ok, go go go! 14:13
apvlahopoulos (i guess he wasnt lying when he said he had a bad connection) 14:13
ctyler no kidding! 14:13
apvlahopoulos alright!!!!!! 14:14
* apvlahopoulos has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.4/20091027080938]") 14:14
* jddeni has quit ("Leaving") 14:14
ctyler mohamedaden: koji is fighting with you? 14:14
mohamedaden Yes. 14:14
* BoChao (n=bchao@ has joined #seneca 14:15
ctyler so tell me how far you've gotten. 14:15
ctyler BoChao: so we're done, with an initial target of Tuesday. 14:15
ctyler Wiki and repo up by Friday. 14:15
BoChao sorry about that sir, using putty on my phone ain't so great 14:15
BoChao ok, so draft src rpm done at that time 14:16
ctyler BoChao: consider ssh'ing to a CDOT machine, and using 'screen' there along with irssi. Then you can disconnect and reconnect later, and since irssi will be running the whole time, you can read the scrollback. 14:16
ctyler That's how humph is 'always' in the channel. 14:16
mohamedaden I have this error with koji: Unable to log in, no authentication methods available 14:17
ctyler (I do the same thing, but with vnc+XChat) 14:17
ctyler mohamedaden: have you downloaded the certificate from FAS yet? 14:17
BoChao ok, I'll try using screen 14:17
mohamedaden not yet. 14:17
ctyler that's the cause of the error. 14:18
ctyler the certificate provides the credentials necessary to login to the koji server. 14:18
mohamedaden OK, I will do that. 14:19
ctyler mohamedaden: 14:19
mohamedaden Thanks ctyler. 14:20
ahilts ctyler: i have posted my blog, and i hope to have a good start on the rpm by thursday 14:20
ctyler and <-- probably more important 14:20
ctyler ahilts: excellent! 14:20
ahilts so i assume we are done so i will see you in class or on here on thursday 14:22
* ahilts has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090909051554]") 14:23
* fardad ( has joined #seneca 14:28
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to fardad 14:28
* CloudScorpion (n=chatzill@ has joined #seneca 14:34
CloudScorpion fardad: hey, I'm not gonna be in class today, what were we gonna cover? 14:35
* BoChao has quit ("Lost terminal") 14:35
mohamedaden I can not login to make posting now. So, I will check it latter at home. 14:38
mohamedaden The system is too slow! 14:45
mohamedaden quit 14:48
ctyler ah, the joys of SeneNET 14:51
* mohamedaden ( has left #seneca ("Leaving") 14:52
CloudScorpion -_- why do I assume fardad is ever online? 14:52
* CloudScorpion has quit ("All has been lost") 14:53
fardad because he is, but not always looking at the screen :| 14:56

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