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Review Questions for Test 1

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What command will list all partitions on all hard drives?

  • fdisk
  • fdisk -l
  • partprobe

what is wrong with this statement?

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/mytest.img bs-1024 count-10000

  • wrong of file type
  • cannot have zeroes in an img file
  • typing error
  • if and of in the wrong order

Which directory usually contains the GNU/Linux boot files?

  • /
  • /root
  • /boot
  • /home directory of user who is booting the system

The user password are stored in which file?

  • /etc/passwd
  • /etc/shadow
  • /etc/password
  • none of above

Grub is a boot loader. It is used to load Linux kernel & driver module files in to memory by reading the configuration file. The name and path of GRUB configuration file is

  • /etc/grub/grub.conf
  • /root/grub.conf
  • /boot/grub/grub.conf
  • /boot/grub.conf

resize2fs command is used ?

  • to enlarge or shrink the size of partitions on harddisks
  • to change the physical volumes (PVs)
  • to enlarge or shrink the size of Logical Volumes (LVM)
  • to enlarge or shrink the ext2 and ext3 file systems

The Name and path of the linux kernel is

  • /boot/vmlinux.
  • /boot/initrd.
  • /boot/Linus.torvalds.
  • /boot/vmlinuz-

Linux need at least two minimum partitions for installation named

  • /root & swap
  • /root & /boot
  • / & swap
  • /root & /red knot

File system must requires a container. The container may be

  • Disk Partition
  • File
  • Logical volume (LVM)
  • All of above