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RabbitVCS is an Open Source SVN client for Linux. RabbitVCS is intended for the GNOME desktop enviroment because it integrates it's self into Nautilus. This runs and looks a lot like the Windows SVN program, TortoiseSVN. Currently, RabbitVCS only supports Subversion, but will be incorporating other version control systems in future versions.

Download and Install

If you are interested in trying RabbitVCS, you can download it [here]. The people over at RabbitVCS have been nice and released packets for the main linux flavours that use GNOME.

1. Fedora

2. Ubuntu

3. Debian

4. Gentoo

5. ArchLinux

That said, you can also download the tarball, and compile the source yourself.

Installing from the source

1. Download the tar archive from [here]

2. Uncompress the archive

# tar -xzvf <filename>

3. Move into that directory

# cd <RabbitCVS dir>

4. Configure

# ./configure

5. make

# make

6. make install

# make install

If you receive an error during compile, read it and do what it tells you it wants done. In most cases, you might not have all of the required packets installed on you system, in which case the error would inform you that you are missing packets, and need to install them before continuing.


Work in Progress.

Other Clients

Below are a list of other Linux based SVN clients. Some of them do not allow for integration into the file explorer.
1. naughtSVN - naughtSVN is still in alpha stages, but it looks very promising

2. KDESVN - Used on the KDE desktop environment

3. Nautilus SVN Scripts - Bash scripts that perform basic SVN tasks

4. RapidSVN - A standalone SVN client for linux for an entire list, please go here


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