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Revision as of 21:31, 12 October 2011 by Mdafidchao (talk | contribs) (Created page with '<pre> Session Start: Wed Oct 12 19:26:24 2011 Session Ident: #oop-rss �03[19:26] * Now talking in #oop-rss �03[19:26] * sets mode: +ns �03[19:28] * NULL…')
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Session Start: Wed Oct 12 19:26:24 2011
Session Ident: #oop-rss
�03[19:26] * Now talking in #oop-rss
�03[19:26] * sets mode: +ns
�03[19:28] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
�03[19:28] * robertoisaula ( has joined #oop-rss
[19:28] <NULLbyte_> kk am in..
[19:28] <robertoisaula> ok me 2
[19:29] <robertoisaula> how did u create the channel?
�01[19:30] <@mdafidchao> you can just /join any channel name and if it doesn't exist it will be created
[19:32] <NULLbyte_> kk Santiago should be in any min
�03[19:32] * Kain-18 ( has joined #oop-rss
[19:32] <NULLbyte_> yup he is in
[19:32] <Kain-18> �04sup guys
[19:32] <NULLbyte_> k so one left...
[19:32] <NULLbyte_> should we just start??
[19:33] <Kain-18> �04yea
[19:33] <robertoisaula> idk is the other guy coming has anyone talked to him?
[19:33] <NULLbyte_>  I tried but no answer..
�01[19:33] <@mdafidchao> he hasn't responded to my e-mail either
[19:33] <robertoisaula> kk lets start then
[19:34] <NULLbyte_> ight lets do this!!!
�01[19:34] <@mdafidchao> alright so i looked at ivan's and his edit crashes
[19:34] <Kain-18> �04alright
[19:34] <NULLbyte_> then his is no good
[19:34] <Kain-18> �04ivan is out
[19:35] <Kain-18> �04i mean ivan's edit
[19:35] <Kain-18> �04what about michaels?
�03[19:36] * NULLbyte (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
�01[19:36] <@mdafidchao> i tested mine as best I could, didn't see any crashes so far
[19:36] <robertoisaula> yeah I tested mine as well, so far so good
[19:36] <NULLbyte> yea but what about bugss man
[19:36] <Kain-18> �04what bugs?
[19:37] <robertoisaula> i've tried my best to find bugs but i havent yet
[19:37] <Kain-18> �04neither have i
[19:37] <NULLbyte> all I want is the backspace from my code.. no bugs !
[19:37] <Kain-18> �04ok
�01[19:38] <@mdafidchao> i can't see roberto's repository
[19:39] <robertoisaula> oh yeah i havent done my repository yet
[19:39] <robertoisaula> let me do that right now
[19:39] <Kain-18> �04lol
�02[19:40] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�03[19:40] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
[19:40] <Kain-18> �04michales edit( ) i see it the same as what the teacher gave us
[19:41] <Kain-18> �04ohhh nvm
�02[19:42] * NULLbyte (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�02[19:45] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�03[19:45] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
�01[19:46] <@mdafidchao> hm when I enter insert mode in sezar's edit doesn't let me add characters at the end
[19:46] <NULLbyte_> yea mine is not goo
[19:46] <NULLbyte_> good*
[19:46] <NULLbyte_> but try the backspace
�01[19:48] <@mdafidchao> it works
[19:48] <Kain-18> �04lol, we get it, ur backspace works
�01[19:48] <@mdafidchao> so does mine
�03[19:49] * NULLbyte (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
[19:49] <Kain-18> �04i tried michaels and its pretty nice, didnt find bugs, although its alot of code
[19:49] <NULLbyte> kk I keep disconnecting so I can't see what you type
[19:50] <NULLbyte> tell me a good Irc.
[19:50] <robertoisaula> yo im lost with this branch and tag shit
�01[19:51] <@mdafidchao> branching is making a copy, our branch directories are our personal workspace stuff
�01[19:51] <@mdafidchao> tagging is making an archive
�02[19:51] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�03[19:51] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
[19:52] <robertoisaula> ok so how do I create like my personal folder in the branch directory?
�01[19:52] <@mdafidchao> so for example our first release will be 0.1, when that is sent to the trunk then we can archive (branch) that into tags
�01[19:52] <@mdafidchao> right click -> create folder
[19:52] <robertoisaula> ok so i create the folder in branch
�01[19:53] <@mdafidchao> yeah
[19:53] <robertoisaula> done already
[19:53] <robertoisaula> then whats next to copy the trunk into my folder in branch
�01[19:53] <@mdafidchao> i tried salopez's code with a char string that has a NULL char in the middle of it, when i add text to the end the chars after the null char were revealed
�01[19:54] <@mdafidchao> no commit your console2.0 and a working build of 0.1 with your 2 functions
�01[19:54] <@mdafidchao> like what we all have in our repositories
�01[19:54] <@mdafidchao> fardad updated console.cpp so you might want to get his build first and then add your functions in
�02[19:54] * NULLbyte (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
[19:56] <robertoisaula> ok ok im goin to do it right now
�02[19:56] * NULLbyte_ (~IceChat77@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds�)
�01[19:57] <@mdafidchao> anyway, where are we so far, sezar's insert mode doesn't let me add characters at the end, salopez has a problem with null chars in the middle of a string (don't know if this is acutlaly an issue but I KNOW fardad used a string like this in class), ivan's crashes because he forgot to allocate +1 byte
�01[19:57] <@mdafidchao> all edit btw, I'm sure everyone's display is fine
[19:59] <Kain-18> �04ok then we can use your edit func then
�01[20:00] <@mdafidchao> no one found ayhthing wrong with mine?
[20:00] <robertoisaula> mine is up already
[20:00] <robertoisaula> try it
[20:01] <Kain-18> �04i/ve been trying to but it seems it all works fine with your edit
[20:02] <Kain-18> �04by the way, i didnt get what was the problem with my edit.
�01[20:03] <@mdafidchao> i tested your edit with a string that had a null byte in the middle of the string
�01[20:03] <@mdafidchao> ex: ABCDEF\0GHIJ
�01[20:03] <@mdafidchao> it displays ABCDEF fine, but when I go to add characters to the end, GHIJ gets revealed
[20:03] <Kain-18> �04ohhhhhhh
�01[20:03] <@mdafidchao> i don't even know if that's an issue but I know that Fardad did something like this in class
�03[20:04] * NULLbyte (~IceChat77@ has joined #oop-rss
�01[20:05] <@mdafidchao> roberto's cursor exits fieldLen when I add characters at the very end
[20:05] <Kain-18> �04lol
[20:05] <NULLbyte> holly F***  I hope it doesnt disconnect!!
[20:05] <NULLbyte> kk so whats happening
[20:05] <NULLbyte> ??
�01[20:06] <@mdafidchao> so far I've found at least 1 issue with everyone's edit, no one has found anything wrong with mine
�01[20:06] <@mdafidchao> except that it looks like a lot of code and may be inefficient
�03[20:06] * Retrieving #oop-rss modes...
[20:07] <NULLbyte> lol then take some code from each one ..
[20:07] <Kain-18> �04why?
�01[20:07] <@mdafidchao> also I'm trying to call your edit functions with invalid values (bad offset, cursor pos, etc) and I don't think these cases are being covered
[20:08] <NULLbyte> who's edit?
[20:08] <Kain-18> �04i believe all of ours
[20:09] <NULLbyte> y don't we take some code form each one just to make it look nicer but with out effecting Michaels code..
[20:10] <NULLbyte> just some code where u r sure it has no bugs
�01[20:10] <@mdafidchao> one person's code had like 4 ifs
[20:11] <NULLbyte> who? so what ??...
�01[20:13] <@mdafidchao> it's inefficient i think
[20:13] <robertoisaula> I think we should grab the best edit
[20:14] <robertoisaula> the one that has no bugs or whatsover
[20:14] <robertoisaula> and just use that one
[20:14] <NULLbyte> yea
[20:15] <Kain-18> �04fine with me
�01[20:15] <@mdafidchao> sure, makes things easier i guess
[20:16] <Kain-18> �04alright, so its michaels edit. what about display??
[20:16] <NULLbyte> should we add the my two keys ? since he mi give us more marks ... but then they do have bugs..
[20:16] <Kain-18> �04shoulndt we look for bugs too
[20:16] <NULLbyte> yea
[20:17] <NULLbyte> but display sould be fine is the edit is .. right?
�01[20:17] <@mdafidchao> hm what to test for display
�01[20:17] <@mdafidchao> we all tested for display to not print anything if you had it print outside the console area right
[20:18] <NULLbyte> yup
�01[20:18] <@mdafidchao> uhoh I see some hardcoded numbers
[20:19] <Kain-18> �04no!
�01[20:19] <@mdafidchao> someone used 80 instead of getCols
�01[20:19] <@mdafidchao> hehe
[20:19] <NULLbyte> lol
[20:20] <Kain-18> �04the string should go to the next line if it overcomes the screen
[20:20] <NULLbyte> it me and kain-18
[20:20] <NULLbyte> lol
[20:20] <Kain-18> �04lol
�01[20:21] <@mdafidchao> huh I was told to ignore wrapping
[20:21] <Kain-18> �04what? the hardcoded numbers?
[20:21] <Kain-18> �04really?
[20:21] <Kain-18> �04i was never told
[20:21] <NULLbyte> yea man remmeber..
[20:21] <Kain-18> �04nop
[20:21] <Kain-18> �04but ok
[20:22] <NULLbyte> wait r u talkin about the wrapping?
[20:22] <Kain-18> �04yea
[20:22] <NULLbyte> oh no yea i had no idea ..
�01[20:22] <@mdafidchao> I thought someone asked about wrapping in class and fardad said ignore it
[20:23] <Kain-18> �04ohh, might be cause its different sections, and he didnt say anything to us
[20:23] <NULLbyte> well doest really matter..
[20:23] <Kain-18> �04so it doesnt matter
[20:25] <robertoisaula> guys give me 2 minutes ill reconnect
�02[20:25] * robertoisaula ( Quit (Quit:  HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!�)
�02[20:25] * Kain-18 ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
�04[20:25] <NULLbyte> yo mdafidchao can you look at the keys I added and see the problem ... me and kain-18 coudn't!!
�01[20:25] <@mdafidchao> what were you trying to do
�01[20:26] <@mdafidchao> CTRL + F and CTRL + U?
[20:26] <NULLbyte> one key deletes everything before the curPosition (CTRLU)and one key deletes everything after the curPosition(CTRLF)
�03[20:27] * Kain-18 ( has joined #oop-rss
[20:27] <NULLbyte> yup.
[20:27] <Kain-18> alright. so where were we?
[20:28] <NULLbyte> i just asked hi to see i he can fix the problem (the two keys...)
[20:28] <NULLbyte> the ones we couldn't fix..
�01[20:28] <@mdafidchao> hold on a sec lets figure out whos display to use
[20:28] <NULLbyte> i tought i was urs!!
�01[20:28] <@mdafidchao> so there's 2 who used hardcoded values that are out
[20:28] <NULLbyte> thought**
�01[20:28] <@mdafidchao> my edit
�01[20:29] <@mdafidchao> that leaves roberto ivan and myself
[20:29] <Kain-18> for what? display?
�01[20:29] <@mdafidchao> yeah
�03[20:29] * robertoisaula ( has joined #oop-rss
[20:29] <robertoisaula> kk im back
[20:29] <NULLbyte> yo just use urs
[20:31] <NULLbyte> y not use urs and get it over with??
�01[20:31] <@mdafidchao> =/ don't think that's fair
�01[20:31] <@mdafidchao> unless everyone agrees
[20:31] <NULLbyte> does everyone agree??!!!
�01[20:32] <@mdafidchao> after looking at all of them, i don't like robertos cause of readability + i don't think it was necessary to create vars to store getCols/getRows
�01[20:32] <@mdafidchao> ivans is pretty clean from what i see
[20:33] <NULLbyte> let me see it..
�01[20:33] <@mdafidchao> although I don't think it compiles in borland
[20:33] <NULLbyte> y not?
�01[20:34] <@mdafidchao> 'cause I had to add the scope to strlen to get it to compile and I see ivan didn't do that
�01[20:35] <@mdafidchao> did anyone else run into that issue when compiling in borland
[20:35] <NULLbyte> i had that issue in matrix..
�01[20:36] <@mdafidchao> oh well it's either bordland or matrix
[20:37] <NULLbyte> kk so if u wanna c if his runs on borlan and then use his display do it but if u dont i agree to use urs
[20:38] <NULLbyte> i like urs.. easy to read..
[20:39] <Kain-18> yea its pretty good
[20:41] <robertoisaula> yeah i think so 2
�01[20:41] <@mdafidchao> hm ivan compiles on matrix on borland
�01[20:41] <@mdafidchao> but i guess we're using mine if it looks better
[20:42] <NULLbyte> kk then thats done
[20:42] <Kain-18> lol
[20:42] <Kain-18> but yea
�01[20:42] <@mdafidchao> cool
�01[20:42] <@mdafidchao> i guess i'll branch it to trunk and tag it
[20:42] <Kain-18> sounds good
[20:42] <NULLbyte> wait
[20:43] <NULLbyte> what about the keys
[20:43] <NULLbyte> LOL
[20:43] <Kain-18> ohh
[20:43] <Kain-18> well they are not ready
[20:43] <NULLbyte> yea i know
[20:43] <Kain-18> I remember we tried to fix them and couldnt
[20:44] <NULLbyte> kk so I asked him to see if he can..
[20:44] <Kain-18> r u talking about pgUp and Dw?
[20:44] <Kain-18> ok
�01[20:44] <@mdafidchao> gimme a sec
[20:44] <NULLbyte> yea but now they are CNTRL f and CNTRL u
[20:44] <NULLbyte> ight
[20:45] <Kain-18> >he's gonna take alot more than a sec lol
[20:45] <NULLbyte> if not then whatever I wanted us to get extra marks..
[20:45] <NULLbyte> lol hopefully not
[20:46] <Kain-18> to fix it?? defenitely!
[20:46] <NULLbyte> lol they weren't that bad!!
[20:48] <Kain-18> yea but its hard to know what the prob is
[20:48] <Kain-18> we didnt find it
[20:48] <NULLbyte> I guess
�01[20:49] <@mdafidchao> what am I trying to fix
[20:49] <NULLbyte> ohh
[20:49] <NULLbyte> mmm
[20:49] <Kain-18> try using ctrl f and ctrl u and insert some data and u'll see
[20:50] <NULLbyte> yea be at the end of fieldlen
[20:50] <Kain-18> not nessesary is it??
[20:51] <Kain-18> didnt we get the rest of the chars anywhere?
�01[20:51] <@mdafidchao> ctrl f at the end of fieldlen deletes everything before the cursor, leaving only the character under the cursor
�01[20:51] <@mdafidchao> ctrl u just beeps
�01[20:51] <@mdafidchao> when used at the end of fieldlen
[20:51] <Kain-18> hahaha
�01[20:51] <@mdafidchao> so it looks like its working as intended
[20:51] <robertoisaula> guys how can we change font or whatever here, im having hard time reading i dont know who is saying what
[20:52] <Kain-18> hahahaha
[20:52] <Kain-18> i dont know man
�01[20:52] <@mdafidchao> no idea
[20:52] <NULLbyte> nah no way man !! maybe it was my edit...
[20:52] <Kain-18> roberto try using the magnifier lol
[20:53] <NULLbyte> LOL
[20:53] <NULLbyte> yo r u sure they r fine?
[20:53] <robertoisaula> LOL shut up
[20:53] <robertoisaula> this sucks
[20:55] <Kain-18> wait
[20:55] <Kain-18> if you put neg nums for stroffset on michaels edit, it gives you random chars
[20:56] <NULLbyte> oh shit
[20:56] <NULLbyte> try ivan's
�01[21:00] <@mdafidchao> hm it didn't say to cover negative numbers in the thingy
[21:00] <Kain-18> I think u were talking about it before no? putting stroffset and curpso with garbage values
�01[21:01] <@mdafidchao> not including negative numbers
[21:01] <NULLbyte> does Ivan's do thatas well
[21:01] <NULLbyte> ?
�01[21:01] <@mdafidchao> numbers that go past the end of the string
[21:01] <Kain-18> ohhh
�01[21:01] <@mdafidchao> as mentioned in
[21:02] <NULLbyte> kk then w/e
[21:03] <Kain-18> ok well, I need to go. I dont think there is anything we should decide if we are using michels edit and display
[21:03] <Kain-18> right?
[21:03] <NULLbyte> and the keys
[21:03] <NULLbyte> lol
[21:03] <Kain-18> ohh yea
[21:03] <NULLbyte> yea man we r pretty much done..
[21:04] <Kain-18> well, im ok with what you guys decide. I need to go
[21:04] <robertoisaula> no problem
[21:04] <robertoisaula> i think the same
[21:04] <NULLbyte> ight
�01[21:04] <@mdafidchao> cool
[21:04] <Kain-18> see ya
�02[21:04] * Kain-18 ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[21:04] <robertoisaula> i tried urs and it works fine
[21:04] <robertoisaula> so just branch it
[21:04] <NULLbyte> Michae;'s right
[21:06] <NULLbyte> kk yea just branch it with or with out the keys
�01[21:06] <@mdafidchao> alright
[21:07] <robertoisaula> later guys
�02[21:07] * robertoisaula ( Quit (Quit:  I love my HydraIRC -> <-�)
[21:11] <NULLbyte> r u done??
�01[21:12] <@mdafidchao> tag and trunk are done
[21:12] <NULLbyte> so thats it?