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Session Start: Wed Nov 09 20:38:28 2011
Session Ident: #RSS_oop344
[20:38] * Now talking in #RSS_oop344
[20:38] * Topic is 'RSS'
[20:38] * Set by NULLbyte_! on Wed Nov 09 20:32:10
[20:38] <@NULLbyte_> kk he is in
[20:39] <@NULLbyte_> kk so start with the main thing we r suppos to do
[20:40] <mdafidchao> everyone should be able to take one class
[20:40] <mdafidchao> there is cbutton, cvaledit, ccheckmark and cmenuitem
[20:40] <@NULLbyte_> nah man too is done isnt it
[20:40] <@NULLbyte_> ??
[20:41] <@NULLbyte_> well we are workin on cbutton
[20:41] <@NULLbyte_> the (c section)
[20:41] <robertoisaula> santiago, sezar and roberto (the c section we are working on cbutton) so lets forget about that one
[20:41] <@NULLbyte_> and didnt u finish clineedit
[20:41] <@NULLbyte_> ??
[20:41] <mdafidchao> so that leaves cvaledit, ccheckmark and cmenuitem
[20:42] <@NULLbyte_> yea
[20:42] <@NULLbyte_> let do it like last time
[20:42] <@NULLbyte_> remmeber
[20:42] <mdafidchao> each of these can be handled by one person
[20:42] <mdafidchao> even cbutton
[20:43] <@NULLbyte_> kk well how about we(c sec) do cbottun and another one (big one ) and the rest is for u and the other guy
[20:43] <mdafidchao> they're all small
[20:43] <mdafidchao> according to fardad anyway
[20:44] <@NULLbyte_> kk then the biggest out of all of them
[20:44] <mdafidchao> i guess valedit would be the biggest
[20:44] <robertoisaula> yeah how does that sound
[20:45] <@NULLbyte_> so u do one the other person does another one and (c sec) well do two..
[20:45] <robertoisaula> well fardad hasnt put the percentage yet
[20:45] <robertoisaula> so it's hard to figure it out yet
[20:45] <mdafidchao> but he's mentioned "50 lines" a bunch of times in class, as well as recommending 1 per person
[20:46] <mdafidchao> i guess i can agree on you guys doing valedit and button and us doing checkmark and menuitem
[20:47] <@NULLbyte_> ight yea thats good
[20:48] <@NULLbyte_> and then the we apply the changes..
[20:48] <robertoisaula> yeah cuz clineedit is done right?
[20:48] <@NULLbyte_> yeee
[20:50] <robertoisaula> soo?
[20:52] <mdafidchao> okay
[20:52] <mdafidchao> let ivan know
[20:52] <@NULLbyte_> i was ganna say
[20:52] <@NULLbyte_> do u talk to him
[20:52] <mdafidchao> no
[20:52] <@NULLbyte_> É
[20:52] <@NULLbyte_> ohh
[20:53] <@NULLbyte_> I geuss ill send him an email..
[20:53] <mdafidchao> email him this log
[20:53] <mdafidchao> if you want
[20:54] <@NULLbyte_> yea ill do it
[20:55] <@NULLbyte_> so we r done ehh
[20:55] <robertoisaula> hey when i compile tester3 that it is for clineedit
[20:55] <mdafidchao> looks like it
[20:55] <robertoisaula> i get errors... does this happen to u guys as well?
[20:56] <mdafidchao> i haven't tried yet
[20:56] <mdafidchao> most likely there's some stuff to be changed though
[20:56] <robertoisaula> hbu sezar?
[20:56] <@NULLbyte_> yo rob
[20:56] <mdafidchao> since fardad has been editing stuff in the older classes
[20:56] <@NULLbyte_> y r u using tester 3
[20:56] <@NULLbyte_> ??
[20:57] <robertoisaula> cuz tester 3 is to test clineedit
[20:57] <robertoisaula> to see if it works isnt it?
[20:57] <mdafidchao> yes
[20:57] <@NULLbyte_> we r dont cbottun.. use tester4
[20:57] <@NULLbyte_> oh yea right
[20:57] <@NULLbyte_> ..
[20:58] <robertoisaula> thats why im telling apparently there are some errors on clineedit
[20:58] <@NULLbyte_> kk let me see
[20:58] <mdafidchao> <mdafidchao> i haven't tried yet
[20:58] <mdafidchao> [20:56] <mdafidchao> most likely there's some stuff to be changed though
[20:58] <robertoisaula> or could be like michael said, that fardad changed some things and thats why it is not working
[20:58] <mdafidchao> [20:56] <mdafidchao> since fardad has been editing stuff in the older classes
[20:58] <mdafidchao> at any rate it's mine so i'll look at it
[20:59] <mdafidchao> ivan also encountered some problem with clabel's constructor which needs to be fixed for checkmark and menuitem
[20:59] <@NULLbyte_> oh yea I should look at that as well
[21:00] <robertoisaula> Modify CLabel:
[21:00] <robertoisaula>     remove _length attribute and use _width of CFrame instead (use void width(int) and int width() to set and get length
[21:00] <robertoisaula>     Modify CLabel Copy Constructor to the new definition.
[21:00] <robertoisaula> thats what says on the wiki page
[21:01] <@NULLbyte_> yoo the clineedit is an easy fix!!!
[21:01] <robertoisaula> I know i was just saying that it need to be fixed
[21:02] <@NULLbyte_> then y didnt u fix it
[21:03] <robertoisaula> lol
[21:03] <robertoisaula> cuz i just saw it man
[21:03] <@NULLbyte_> lol ight
[21:06] <@NULLbyte_> u know what I dont know y it isn't workin it should work..??!!
[21:07] <robertoisaula> wait im fixing the cuigh.h right now
[21:08] <@NULLbyte_> the problem is in clineedit isn't it??
[21:08] <@NULLbyte_> what e u fixing
[21:08] <@NULLbyte_> ?
[21:09] <robertoisaula> read the to do from r0.3
[21:09] <robertoisaula> it says to fix the cuigh.h
[21:10] <@NULLbyte_> ohh i though the problem u told us about the clineedit..
[21:11] <robertoisaula> first im doin this one
[21:11] <@NULLbyte_> kk
[21:20] <robertoisaula> kk im done with the cuigh.h
[21:20] <@NULLbyte_> so what did u do??
[21:21] <robertoisaula> just delete the one we had
[21:21] <robertoisaula> and put the new definitions
[21:21] <robertoisaula> and changed the keys from cframe to match the ones on cuigh
[21:22] <@NULLbyte_> ohh did u commit the change?
[21:22] <robertoisaula> yeep i did
[21:26] <robertoisaula> ok guys so are we done?
[21:26] <@NULLbyte_> i geuss
[21:27] <mdafidchao> yeah
[21:27] <robertoisaula> ok perfect
[21:28] <robertoisaula> lets start working on our task and meet sometime this week to see how we are doing
[21:28] <robertoisaula> thru irc
[21:28] <@NULLbyte_> ight
[21:28] <robertoisaula> later
[21:29] <robertoisaula> save the log so we can post it and set it to the other guy