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{{Ecl_r_entry |c=0
|url=  http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Teams_Winter_2011/team1
|title= Working with OSGI in Eclipse - Team 1 ECL500; Winter 2011
|descr= * Create a plug-in project in Eclipse * Create the service interface * Create the service provider * Create the service consumer and the GUI for the application * Run the application
{{Ecl_r_entry |c=0
{{Ecl_r_entry |c=0

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  • c: Background color of the table row; value 0 or 1; if the previous registration was 0, please type 1.
  • url: Resource URL
  • title: Resource title including author; year;
  • descr: The description of the resource's contributions (why should we read it?)

For example, to register a new resource you have to type:

 {{Ecl_r_entry |c=0
 |url=   http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/~jordan.anastasiade/Eclipse/basics/Beginner/Beginner-DexterTutorial.html
 |title= Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners - Max Dexter - 2006
 |descr= * Create Java project in Eclipse * Create Java package * Introduce classes and objects, naming conventions * Write a simple Java class (Person)

  • Create RCP Application to Connect Oracle Database
  • Create a RCP application * Define and use commands * Define and use editors * Use JFace Viewers * Create a configuration for your application
  • Create RCP Application to Maintain Student Records