Project Weekly Logs

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Note: Please answer the following questions:

  • What have I done since the last Scrum meeting (yesterday)?
  • What will I do before the next Scrum meeting (tomorrow)?
  • What prevents me from performing my work as efficiently as possible?

Weekly Logs

John Doe

Week 9 (March 13)

  • I have not done much last week. I will start creating a UI screen. I was too tired to work on my project.

Wesley Hamilton - Rene Anderson

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Gotten some progress on the media player aspect of the application
  • Need to look into the file-sharing aspect of the application
  • Being delayed due to the amount of midterms and assignments lately

Vasil Rimar - Norbert Curiciac

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Gotten web service done and researched how to complete other functionalities such as Material design
  • Start developing the final UI next week
  • Being delayed due to the midterms and assignments

Elsi Nushaj & Hyungryul Chun

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Worked on the UI screens (Elsi) and setting up database integration (Steve) for the application.
  • Continue working on the UI screen and start populating the database
  • Problems running into database integration and the amount of course work from other classes

Nick Thomas

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Did some research and discovered android API for p2p communication (WifiP2pManager)
  • Work on a barebones app that can discover and communicate (through text)
  • I had some assignments and a midterm to study for this weekend(my main time to work)

Petr Bouianov

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Progress on the Camera API part of the application. Started working on UI elements.
  • Need to finish Camera implementation and start on facial recognition.
  • Delayed due to midterms / projects / work.

Dylan Segna & Jacky Siu

Week 9 (March 13)

  • Created some of the UI screens. Started working on dynamic UI creation at run-time. Setup the ViewPager for the UI screens using Fragments.
  • Finish the rest of the UI screens and the dynamic UI creation. Setup the database.
  • Issues sharing data between an Activity and it's Fragments. Possible resolutions: casting the Activity within the Fragment class OR make the data Parcelable (extra work)