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== Calendar stuff ==
== Calendar stuff ==
The Calendar project has lots of stuff for people to do, from Exchange connectors to off-line caching to bug fixes and minor features galore.
The [http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/ Calendar project] has lots of stuff for people to do, from Exchange connectors to off-line caching to bug fixes and minor features galore.
== OS X Keychain integration ==
== OS X Keychain integration ==

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Generalization of Joga extension

We worked with partners to create an extension for delivering World Cup scoring updates as well as providing country-specific themes. We'd like someone to take it apart, remove or refactor the Joga-specific pieces so that it can be used for other such data sources (hello, hockey?), and write some basic documentation for how to create your own notification-and-theme extension from the toolkit that results.

Related tech and skills: XUL, JavaScript, documentation, web services

SVN access control via LDAP

We have a tool called "Despot" which gives us fine-grained control over access to the Mozilla CVS repository. As we start to have development hosted in subversion, with account information maintained in LDAP, we'd like to have a tool to enforce and manage such controls there as well.

Related tech and skills: server config, LDAP, scripting, web interface/app development

XULRunner Guide

The XULRunner project provides an "application runner" for building apps -- like Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird -- atop the Mozilla toolkit framework. It needs a guide outlined, high-priority parts written, and examples created to help people get started.

Related tech and skills: XUL, documentation, cross-platform testing

Updating and migrating of MDC content

The Mozilla Developer Center has rights to a bunch of content that's still hosted on various strange corners of mozilla.org and the old DevEdge archives. There are some gems in there that need dusting off and updating to reflect the realities of the modern web.

Related tech and skills: web authoring, documentation, scripting, technology domains of chosen articles.

Updating JS guide and JS reference

The current JavaScript guide and reference are valuable, but in serious need of updating in both structure and content (new language features, more relevant compatibility information, improved examples).

Related tech and skills: documentation, JavaScript

Test framework development

We have a number of promising prototype or proof-of-concept test frameworks for exercising Mozilla code from different directions. They need varying amounts of work to make them more robust and general, document them, and integrate them into different kinds of automation.

Related tech and skills: Python, Perl, Makefiles, shell scripting, JavaScript

OpenDarwin tinderbox image

We would love to have a tinderbox image for testing and building on the Mac, based on the freely-available OS X source. Would you love that too? (Also, we'd like to get it wired into Ben Hearsum's buildbot system.)

Related tech and skills: system configuration, scripting, light C/C++, Makefile

See http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/

FAQ mining for extension developers

Literally every day, there are informal exchanges on IRC and newsgroups that are fantastic fodder for small, focused documents. Collecting these exchanges, fleshing them out as recipes for extension authors, and writing sample code -- what better way to spend your afternoons?

Bugzilla component-watching

It's common for a developer to wish to "watch" all the bugs that are filed in a certain Bugzilla component. Mozilla uses a convoluted and painful system of synthetic accounts to simulate this capability, and we'd all really prefer to be able to do it more directly and with less opportunity for error. Bug 76794

Applescript support for Firefox

Lots of people would like to script Firefox from AppleScript (or, more generally, from the OSA), and extension authors would like to be able to call out to AppleScript/OSA from their code as well. Bug 125419

Airbag development and server operation

The Airbag project is developing an open source crash reporting and analysis system, analogous to Talkback. There's lots of work to do on wiring it into the build system, operating servers for collecting and analyzing data, and extending Firefox's use of it to collect additional helpful information (like installed extensions, memory usage, etc.) Bug 216827

Calendar stuff

The Calendar project has lots of stuff for people to do, from Exchange connectors to off-line caching to bug fixes and minor features galore.

OS X Keychain integration

It would be great to store Firefox's saved passwords in the OS X keychain, for consistency and ease of use. Bug 106400

CSS guide

The Mozilla Developer Center would like to add a CSS guide to its stable of major documents, covering at least the top 100 CSS properties in use on the web today. It should be replete with examples, and a fair number of small tutorial/how-to sections for different common tasks or requests from web authors.

Delta debugging framework

Given a failing test that can be mechanically verified (including crashes), delta debugging is a way of automatically isolating the change that introduced the failure. Having a framework in place to pull builds, bisect by date and change set (using bonsai data -- remember, CVS doesn't have changesets!), and report results would let computers make developers more productive.

dbus and other Linux desktop integration improvements

Various Linux distributors have patches in their Firefox packages that add bits and pieces of Linux integration, and we'd like to see even more available. One particular area of interest is controlling the browser via dbus, and exposing dbus events to the application and extensions.

"Avoid loading the same page twice" Extension

Whenever i click on a bookmark of a site that i already have open in any tab in any window it would switch to that tab and bring that window to the front rather than loading the page again.