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The basic information of A2 is on the BTP300 site linked here. A number of issues have been found within the assignment spec and so a series of changes is required in order for the spec to produce a correct assignment. The changes are listed here.

Code Spec Changes


Functions to be removed

The following two functions should be removed from the specification completely.

  • CFrame::display
  • CFrame::edit


Updated Functions

  • The function CField::edit should be pure virtual and should not accept any parameters and should return int. This will put it in line with the edit functions of its child classes.



Both constructors should accept a bool* and NOT a bool for insert mode. Updated descriptions follow:

Constructor 1

Receives 8 values.

  • bool* - the insert mode for the line field


Constructor 2

Receives 7 values.

  • bool* - the insert mode for the line field