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The Project


The layout of the wiki is currently being updated. Please see BTP300 Assignment 1 for A1. Exceptions to what is mentioned on the linked page will be mentioned here.

Compilation Platforms

  • Matrix G++
  • Windows Visual Studio 2012

(no borland)


  • Weekly blog reports are not required. Its outdated information.
  • There's no teamwork in this course at the moment. Assignment code sharing is not allowed.
  • If you have problems, there's always IRC channel #seneca-oop344 on Freenode.
  • If you get a problems with compiling like "console.cpp:(.text+0x7): undefined reference to `initscr'", you need to make sure that you compile it with "-lncurses" parameter.


Section A/C - Submit assignment via blackboard

Section B - Send assignment via email

Testing on Matrix from Windows

Please use putty only and set the following settings:

  • Backspace = Ctrl-?
  • Home and End = Standard
  • Function keys and keypad = Linux


  • Connection > Data > Terminal-type string = linux (This step must be done when first connecting through putty!)