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The Project

Basic Input/Output Functions

  • C-based multi-platform IO functions: (Majority of the code is provided by the prof).
  • The Project is initiated on individual SVN accounts for each team.

The Core Classes

  • This part is written in C++ and encapsulates the basic input/output (BIO) routines into classes and also uses the Basic Encapsulating Classes to create User Interface Core Classes for text based applications


Using SVN to do the project

Using SVN for OOP344 Project - 20112

Compiling the project in differnt platforms


In iol.h define platform as such

  1. #define IOL_PLT CC_LNX

When ready to compile do in matrix(or other Linux OS):

learnid@matrix:~> cc iol.c iolmain.c -lncurses

learnid@matrix:~> a.out

Mac (optional)

In iol.h define platform as such

  1. #define IOL_PLT C_MAC

When ready to compile on MAC OS station:

CSMacPro-station_number:folder_containing_iol learnid$ cc iolmain.c iolc -lcurses

CSMacPro-station_number:folder_containing_iol learnid$ ./a.out

Visual C

In iol.h define platform as such

  1. #define IOL_PLT VC_WIN

When ready to compile with VisualStudio 2010 (Available @ ACS Seneca):

D:\Where\you\keep\iol>cl iolmain.c iol.c


Borland (optional)

In iol.h define platform as such

  1. #define IOL_PLT BC_WIN

A first time resource for the Borland compiler:

OOP244 Borland resource

Another Resource to get going, that shows how to use the borland compiler at the command line:

Compiling illustrations

When ready to compile with Borland (Available @ OOP244 Borland resource):

D:\Where\you\keep\iol>bcc32 iolmain.c iol.c