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Programming Stream Members 20111

Programming Stream Teachers

Active Members

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First Name Last Name Seneca Id Courses Taught Interests
Ian Tipson ian.tipson IPC144, OOP244, INT422
Chris Szalwinski chris.szalwinski BTP100 BTP200 BTP300 OOP244 OOP344 GAM531 DPS931 GAM532 DPS932 GPU610 DPS915 GPU921 DPS921 Chris' Projects
Fardad Soleimanloo Fardad.Soleimanloo IPC144, OOP244, OOP344, INT422
Jordan Anastasiade jordan.anastasiade BTP400 - JAC444
Peter Liu peter.liu BTP400 - JAC444, BTP200-OOP244, BTP100-IPC144, BTP300
Brian Perry brian.perry BTP400 - JAC444
Mark Fernandes mark.fernandes CVB815 DPS916 GAM672 GUI546 INT422 IOS110 IPC144 OOP244 OOP344 OPS105 OPS435 SRA840 ULI101 VBA544 OS agnostic ideas and software, XML, JSON, COLLADA, functional programming, concurrency, shell scripting, programming languages, command line stuff, AsciiDoc, LaTeX, Visual Studio, vim. Yes vim!
Danny Abesdris danny.abesdris IPC144 OOP244 OOP344 DSA555 INT322 BIF702 SCR821 PHP701 web
John Selmys john.selmys IPC144 OOP244 OOP344 DSA555 MAP524 Android App Development
Andrew Smith andrew.smith IPC/OOP/BTP Fostering technical talent

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