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Meeting Feb 04, 2010



Proposed Agenda

  • 0.4 Release wrap-up (Anna)
  • Test Reporting (What? Why?) (D.Humphrey)
  • status of PImage (corban, al)
  • Status Report (Everyone)
  • Unassigned 0.5 items (Anna)
  • turnaround time for reviews (Anna)
  • zenit wiki cleanup (Anna)


  • David Humphrey has written a bunch of scripts that can be run to ensure no errors are found when your code is merged with the main repo. This testing will become MANDATORY for v0.60 ++. A JavaScript shell will be required to run the tests, best way to get it is to build Firefox from source. Humphrey will put together documentation to aide in testing.
  • Al and Corban have not looked over PImage. Daniel Hodgin is suggesting we get the code finished (it's probably 80%+ done) and worry about asynchronous image loading later on (requested by Google Groups). Hodgin is taking over all of PImage's implementation.
  • Everyone is pretty much finished with their functions with some exceptions. Andor's ortho() is blocked due to dependencies and his scale() will need to be pushed to v0.6. Daniels blendColor() performance issue will need to be pushed to v0.6. Anna is still waiting for the completion of camera() perspective() and P3DMatrix to complete her rotate demos. Andor has taken over box() in order to get it working with the previously mentioned 3D functions.
  • Unassigned tickets for v0.5 have been assigned or moved to later milestone.
  • Turnaround time for reviews needs to be minimized. To do this reviews are top priority and should be done before any code is written. If a review fails, the person who originally wrote it has to fix it before working on anything else. Lighthouse ticket status: if review failed; make notes on the ticket, assign ticket back to original writer with status assigned.
  • zenit wiki cleanup moved to next meeting.
  • New Business: PGraphic has to be in for v0.60. Please look over specs to see if you want to tackle the code.