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Project Name


Project Description

Processing.js is a proposed Mozilla-sponsored project, its main purpose is to wrap Java-based language functions into Javascript. The purpose of this is to use visuals on the open web, using standard technologies such as JavaScript and Canvas.

Read more about processing for the web

Read more about Canvas

Read more about Drawing with Canvas

Check out for a cool visual.

Project Leader(s)

Name/User Page Blog IRC Nick(s)
David Humphrey blog humph
Anna Sobiepanek blog annasob
Andor Salga blog andor/asalga
Mickael Medel blog medel
Matthew Lam blog mlam19
Donghui Liu blog
Edward Sin blog MinyXO
Alex Londono blog
Carlos Xudiera blog xudiera

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. Processing is an alternative to proprietary software tools in the same domain.

Processing.js will:

  • enable Processing users to take advantage of the full power of the open web
  • serve as a forcing function to drive improvements in key aspects of Mozilla products and technologies, including; JavaScript, Camvas Functionality, applications of Bespin, Ubiquity, Multi-Touch and others

Read more on the project Processing For The Web.

Project Task List is here



  1. Processing (Java) @
  2. Processing JS code @
  3. Minefield builds for WebGL (build your own or See also Vlad's post on this:
  4. Git, & a great video tutorial on Git @
  5. AlertThingy (can plug your Github repo rss feed in and get live updates when other users submit code) @
  6. HasCanvas, a Processing JS IDE @


  1. Recent interview with creators of Processing about the language and its future
  2. Download the Java version of Processing @
  3. Look at what Processing Java is capable of @
  4. Look at what has been done with Processing JS so far @ & @
  5. Read Processing articles "Getting Started" & "Coordiante System & Shapes" @ & @
  6. Experiment around with the Processing Java app, use the Basic Examples @ and make something cool, interesting, wacky, where-ever your experiment takes you.
  7. Test whether you can re-create your sketch by copying your code to You can share your work so others can see what you have done, you can also use hasCanvas to embed your visualization in your web site / blog.

Project News

Date Action Item Description
September 23 2009 registered #processing.js on moznet