PostgreSQL Adapter Project - Extending SQLSchemaManager

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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.


  • SQLSchemaManager is used in maintaining database schemas (DDL)


Task Status Test Status
Extend SQLSchemaManager to support PostgreSQL DONE DONE
Research and add Maximum column Precision DONE DONE
Figure out Data Type Mapping DONE DONE
Implement analyzeTable Ask NexJ, what this should do
Implement appendColumnType() method DONE DONE
Implement appendConcatenate() method DONE DONE
Implement appendPrint() method DONE DONE
Implement appendUpgradeStepEnd() method DONE DONE
Implement appendUpgradeStepStart() method
NOTE: Delimiter cannot be changed in Postgre
Used begin; commit; block
Implement appendTSExtract() method DONE DONE
Add appendTSField method
*NOTE: It is used in appendTSExtract() method,
and it is quite similar to the one in MySQL.
(Suggest to NexJ to add it to the super class)
Implement appendTSIncrement() method DONE DONE
Implement getCreateEtcScriptName() method DONE DONE
Implement getDefaultIndexspace() method DONE DONE
Implement getDefaultLongspace() method DONE DONE
Implement getDefaultTablespace() method DONE DONE
Implement getDropEtcScriptName() method  ?
Implement getDynamicSQLAppender() method DONE DONE
Implement getGUIDExpr() method DONE DONE
Implement getNowExpr() method DONE DONE
Implement getSeparator() method DONE DONE
Implement getSetupEtcScriptName() method DONE DONE
Override renameTable[1] (+ recreate functions) DONE DONE
Override renameColumn[2] DONE DONE
Override renameIndex[3] DONE DONE
Override getIndexName() DONE DONE
Override createIndex(Index) to add full text search DONE DONE
Override dropTable(table) (+ drop functions) DONE DONE
Port mysql_insert.sql script to postgresql_insert DONE DONE
Add dropTriggers(columnName, table)
to drop full-text triggers when column is dropped
Add dropTrigerFunctions(column)
to drop full-text trigger functions when column or table is dropped

Task Details

Extend SQLSchemaManager to support PostgreSQL

Create a new class PostgreSQLSchemaManager by extending SQLSchemaManager and implementing all necessary abstract methods

Research and add Maximum column Precision

Following are the Maximum column precisions we might need to establish:
(All constants are defined in PostgreSQLAdapter class)


Figure out Data Type Mapping

  • Go over all data types offered in PostgreSQL
  • Map types defined in Primitive class

Implement appendColumnType() method

This method appends a table column type declaration to a string buffer.

  • use logic and mapping to append required column data types to incoming string.
  • Test it

Implement appendTSExtract() method

This method extracts a field from a timestamp. It uses SQLSubstReaser's enums.

  • Research the extract function in the PostgreSQL
  • Implement it in Adapter
  • Test it
  • NOTE: The logic to implement the extract function is similar to the one in MySQL Adapter. It could be a good idea to suggest to NexJ to add the appendTSField method to the super class, so we are not repeating the code. (Can be done in the Optimization stage)


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