Portable Canvas File Structure

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This page lists the file and folder structure for the Portable Canvas builds.

Files in a folder are listed under the folder name, indented by one more bullet level.

Italicized words are file names (or equivalent).

Portable Canvas Win

Location: C:\Program Files\Portable Canvas

Location is fixed; otherwise, the "Browse local files" button doesn't work; location is statically defined in "mybrowser.jar/.../mybrowser.js".

  • application.ini
  • portable_canvas.exe (XR stub for Windows)
  • jsmin.c (part of the C3d Library, otherwise not sure what it's for)
  • c3dl_namespace
    • (the Canvas 3d Library)
  • canvas3dapi
    • (the Canvas 3d Library)
  • chrome
    • chrome.manifest
    • mybrowser.xul
    • en-US.jar
    • mybrowser.jar
    • (other files extracted temporarily from mybrowser.jar)
  • components (contains the C3d extension, lets you view Canvas elements)
    • canvas3d.dll
    • canvas3d.xpt
    • compreg.dat
    • xpti.dat
  • defaults
    • preferences
      • mybrowser-prefs.js
  • demos (demo html files with canvas elements, tested to work with Portable Canvas)
    • 0.5 Release
      • Samples
        • Soko
          • (Soko-related files)
  • extensions
    • (empty)
  • models
    • (files for use with the C3d Library)
  • xulrunner
    • (XUL Runner executable files, required to run Portable Canvas without another XR or FF installation)

Portable Canvas Mac

Location: probably anywhere is okay!

  • Contents
    • Info.plist (Mac configuration stuff)
    • Frameworks
      • (empty)
    • MacOS
      • xulrunner (XR stub for MacIntosh)
    • Resources
      • application.ini
      • chrome
        • chrome.manifest
        • en-US.jar (contains localization info for button text)
        • mybrowser.jar (contains platform-independant source code {local disk location is an exception!})
      • components
        • libcanvas3d.dylib (important file, but isn't recognized)
      • defaults
        • preferences
          • mybrowser-prefs.js
      • extensions
        • (empty)
      • updates
        • 0 (This folder gets generated automatically even when deleted, I wonder why...)
          • (empty)