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It can be found here: [[Portable Canvas File Structure]]
It can be found here: [[Portable Canvas File Structure]]
==Project goals==
At the start of the current course, the state of version 0.3 is as follows:
'''Windows side'''
The application works as planned! It is limited to browsing www.c3dl.org or your local
machine, as per the project specs. It can display pages with Canvas elements properly,
both from c3dl.org and from the local machine. I suspect some bugs with this side; not
all local demos work properly, and it has been reported to not work "out of the box" on
some machines.
'''Mac side'''
I have a running application, with most of the features working. It is unable to display
the canvas elements properly though, because it is missing the Mac version of the
Canvas 3d .dll file (which the Windows side uses).
The future plans for this course will loosely be:
- find out which of the current Canvas 3d samples are *expected* to work; ignore the rest
- confirm issues with "download and play", resolve as necessary
- get Mac to display Canvas elements
- create "official" error page on c3dl site
- clean-up the wiki page
- test the application on a wide range of machines
- clean-up/format Canvas element sample pages on c3dl.org so that they are downloadable
- allow web pages with Canvas elements to be downloaded locally and replayed
- learn how to use the Canvas library
- start on an "official" demo that comes with Portable Canvas
- complete demo with technical feature tests of the library, such as collision detection
- create a tutorial for getting a canvas element demo from the web
- create a tutorial for creating a basic local file with a canvas element in it

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This is the notes page for Leonard's DPS911 2009 project, regarding the Canvas3D_XUL_Runner_App project.

File structure

It can be found here: Portable Canvas File Structure