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Pineapple (Team 4)

Project Marking Percentage


Coding Style


  • 4 spaces


  • Place the brackets like this
int main() {
    int a;
    int b;
    if (a == b) {
        cout << "good" << endl;

Variable Naming

  • The first word start with lowercase, and the rest start with uppercase
char* firstName;
char* lastName;
int age;

We will also follow Fardad's rules for proper code

 int a; // good
 int b; // good
 int a, b. c; //bad
    a; // bad
 Single line blocks must be surrounded by { and }
  do this:
 } // good
 if(whatever) do this; //bad
  do this; // bad

Team Members

Email to all members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca ID Wiki ID IRC nick Github ID Blog URL
Kevin Persaud B kpersaud16 Kevin Persaud gsoul persaud Kevin's Blog
Justin Grice B jgrice Justin Grice JGrice JGrice Justin's Blog
Glaser King San Lo B gklo Glaser King San Lo gklo gklo Glaser's Pool
Zhijian Zhou B zzhou33 Zhijian Zhou zzhou33 Gianzhou Zhijian's blog

Status and Issues


Meet ups