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This page covers how one can manage the various needed parts of a complete release process. This includes the other SOP pages containing file configurations and/or quick command line references for the following procedures:

  1. Building packages
  2. Signing packages
  3. Creating repositories
  4. Composing images

Building Packages

Koji-Follow Configuration SOPs


  • ssh <your_username>@japan
  • sudo kojiadmin
  • screen -xr follow
  • python ~/ ~/koji-follow.conf > ~/logs/kfo.log 2> ~/logs/kfe.log

Signing Packages

Sigul Configuration SOPs

Creating Repositories

Mash File Configuration Details


# mashrun-pidora18 :: Compose a Pidora 18 repository


# Default mash output dir is unique by dates (YYYYMMDD)

# If there is already a compose output directory for today,
# append -HHMMSS
if [ -d ${MASHDIR} ] # If YYYYMMDD exists, add -HHMMSS
    MASHDIR=${MASHDIR}-$(date +%H%M%S)
mkdir -p ${MASHDIR}


exec 2>&1

echo "Composing to ${MASHDIR}..."

time mash -o ${MASHDIR} ${DISTNAME}-${RELEASE} -f /usr/local/mash/comps-${DISTNAME}-${RELEASE}.xml.gz


echo "Warnings about unsigned packages are temporarily suppressed from email."
echo "Refer to ${MASHDIR}/mash.log for warnings."

}| cat -v | tee ${MASHDIR}/mash.log | fgrep -v '(signed with no key)' | mail -s "${DISTNAME}-${RELEASE} Mash Run" mashrun-alert

# The 'cat -v' above is there to prevent an unprintable code from throwing off the
# mail command.


# mash config file

rpm_path = %(arch)s/os/Packages
repodata_path = %(arch)s/os/
source_path = source/SRPMS
debuginfo = True
multilib = False
multilib_method = devel
tag = f18-rpfr
inherit = True

# Unsigned is temporary
strict_keys = True
#keys = 34E166FA, F8DF67E6, A82BA4B7, 069C8460, 97A1071F, E8E40FDE, 57BBCCBA, D22E77F2, 4EBFC273, 0B86274E, 6DF2196F, DF9B0AE9
keys = CE8D31E3

repoviewurl =
repoviewtitle = "Fedora Branched - %(arch)s"
arches = armhfp
# armv6 doesn't have horsepower to make delta useful
delta = False
# Change distro_tags as fedora-release version gets bumped
# The cpe URI should be fixed up
distro_tags = cpe:/o:fedoraproject:fedora:18 rawhide
hash_packages = True

Mash Command Line Details

Composing Images

Example Kickstart File

Example Livemedia-Creator Command

livemedia-creator --make-disk --no-virt --image-only --keep-image --ks=rpfr-18.ks

  • command details

-h, --help For more info on commands
--make-disk Build a disk image
--no-virt Use Anaconda's image install instead of virt-install
--image-only Exit after creating disk image.
--ks KS Kickstart file defining the install.

Example Post Script Execution

  • post script details