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This page covers how one can manage the various needed parts of a complete release process. This includes the other SOP pages containing file configurations and/or quick command line references for the following procedures:

  1. Building packages
  2. Signing packages
  3. Creating repositories
  4. Composing images

Building Packages

Koji-Follow Configuration SOPs


  • ssh <your_username>@japan
  • sudo kojiadmin
  • screen -xr follow
  • python ~/ ~/koji-follow.conf > ~/logs/kfo.log 2> ~/logs/kfe.log

Signing Packages

Sigul Configuration SOPs

Creating Repositories

Mash Config Files

  • config file here

Mash Command Line Details

  • user/host, crontab lines, script execution, config files, etc

Composing Images

Example Kickstart File

Example Livemedia-Creator Command

livemedia-creator --make-disk --no-virt --image-only --keep-image --ks=rpfr-18.ks

  • command details

-h, --help For more info on commands
--make-disk Build a disk image
--no-virt Use Anaconda's image install instead of virt-install
--image-only Exit after creating disk image.
--ks KS Kickstart file defining the install.

Example Post Script Execution

  • post script details