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Pidora Bug Tracking


Pidora 18 Bug Tracking

Found a Bug?

Whenever a Pidora 18 user runs into a "bug", it should be added to the Pidora 18 Bug Tracking System. If the bug is not added to the Trac Page then it is possible that the bug will not be noticed or fixed. Bug tracking for Pidora 18 can be found on this page here. Help us track, find, and fix these bugs.

How to Report a Bug?

  • Go to the Trac Page, click "New Ticket" in the top right corner.
  • Write a summary of the bug, followed by a detailed description of the bug.
    • The description should give the exact process that created the bug.
  • Select the version, which should be Pidora 18.
  • Fill in the remaining fields accordingly.
  • Click the "Create Ticket" button at the bottom of the page.