Phonegap Healthcare Adapter

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PhoneGap Healthcare Adapter for NexJ

Project Goal

Develop an adapter to enable NexJ's Mobile Healthcare solutions to interact with Bluetooth peripherals.


Supported Versions


  • Xcode 4.3 +
  • OSX 10.7 +
  • iOS 4.3 +
  • Bluetooth SPP capable


  • Eclipse 3.6.2 +
  • ADT Latest
  • Java 1.6 +
  • Minimum OS: 2.2
  • Recommended OS: latest
  • Bluetooth SPP capable

Project Status

Project Backlog



  • Bluetooth can work on simulators.
  • Deploy to devices, requiring enrollment in the developer program.
  • Understand Objective C.
  • Understand iOS best practice development.
  • Understand iOS PhoneGap plugin best practices.


  • Bluetooth does not work on the emulator.
  • Understand ADK best practice development.
  • Understand ADK PhoneGap plugin best practices.

The Problem

NexJ's mobile health solution requires its smartphone health coach application to have the ability to read medical measurement data from Bluetooth-capable devices, The devices included in the initial project proposal are as follows: blood pressure device, glucose level measuring device and a weight measuring device.

The health coach application will be designed to use PhoneGap, a rising technology that blurs the line between mobile operating systems. Implementing native Bluetooth adapters becomes only part of the solution. The health coach application will interact with a unified API in JavaScript to retrieve data from Bluetooth-capable medical peripherals.

The unified JavaScript API will be developed to utilize Phonegap's JavaScript API to make native code calls. These native calls will focus on a medical Bluetooth device adapter which also must be implemented. This Bluetooth adapter will have be extended for each supported measuring device and implemented on each supported mobile operating system.


PhoneGap API

  • Design a unified API in javascript that will allow the NexJ application to interact with Bluetooth devices.
  • Define a project architecture that facilitates multiple device compatibility.

Blood Pressure Device


  • Create native Bluetooth adapter for this device.


  • Create native bluetooth adapter for this device.

Glucose Level Device


  • Extend native bluetooth adapter for this device.


  • Extend native bluetooth adapter for this device.

Weight Scale Device


  • Extend native bluetooth adapter for this device.


  • Extend native bluetooth adapter for this device.

Project Repository

Mercurical HowTo

Branching Rules

  • Nobody commits to default.
    • default is the master branch we will use to generate submissions back to NexJ
  • Nobody commits to dev.
    • dev is the branch were the latest completed features and bug fixes come together for testing
  • Keep branches relevant.
    • If the focus of what your coding changes, make a new branch
  • Best practice is to branch off of dev.
    • Exceptional scenarios call for branching off of default or other branches, you will not encounter them
  • Branch names in lowercase.
  • Hyphenate branch names if required.
    • bluetooth-plugin
  • Branch names must either be:
    • A bitbucket issue, example: issue-14 OR bug-14
    • A feature name, example: cryptography-bug