Package the Raspberry Pi kernel utility

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Package the Raspberry Pi Kernel Utility

Project Description

The Raspi bootloader requires a special header at the start of the kernel file in order to correctly load it into memory. The tool which creates this header needs to be packaged in Fedora.

Expected outcome: a Fedora package for the Raspberry Pi kernel utility.

Skills required: packaging

Project Leader(s)

Nam Nguyen

Project Contributor(s)

Kernel Utility Package Releases

Release 0.1

Release 0.2

Release 0.3


Project Plan

Tracking mechanism : github

Key contacts: ctyler

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:

  • 0.1 Proof of concept - Research and obtain the file that is used as the Raspberry Pi Kernel utility. Successfully Package the file using rpmbuild into an SRPM & RPM
  • 0.2 Initial working state - Test the RPM for errors with rpmlint, mock, koji. Attempt to have errors resolved and then have package reviewed by the community
  • 0.3 Completed working state - Fix any remaining errors with package and complete Readme files and documentation. Have a finished and working kernel utility package.


Mailing Lists

Upsteam Wiki and Web


Source Code Control


Seneca Particpants

Joseph Nam Nguyen

Non-Seneca Participants


Planet CDOT

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