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Last Name First Name Seneca Username Email Blog Url
Clark Simon simon.clark Twitter


Last Name First Name Seneca Username PRO608a Matrix website Email Blog Url IRC Nick
Gorscak Ljubomir gljubomir Assignment 1 Blogspot ljubo
Granovsky Andriy aagranovsky Assignment 1 - param
Samimi Ali asamimi Ali Project The Door asa_
Choephel Thupten tchoephel Project Thupten's Blog thupten
Huynh Khai nkhuynh1 Khai's project 1 Khai Huynh's Blog nkhuynh1
Butnaru Stefan sbutnaru testing N/A N/A
Joshua Byer jbyer Joshua Joshua2 none none
Zhang Jia jzhang11 Jia none none
Bagasrawala Rashida rbagasrawala Project none none
Grewal Harman hgrewal3 Project 2 none none
Nasir Arsalan anasir4 Project 1 none none
Novichikhin Konstantin knovichikhi Balls! (A1) - Balls! demo (A2 - Score posting) Blog Link knovichikhin
Thanh Dao tdao3 Project none none
Qing Luo qluo5 N/A N/A
Yu Sasaki Project1 Project2 N/A N/A
David Takasaki Project N/A takasaki
Kanakarayar Nalini Project none none
Liu Donghui dliu53 Project1 N/A dliu53


Course documents


Week 8

Class 1

  • Basic Flash usage
  • creating a document
  • basic drawing
  • defining actions in the timeline
  • working with symbols

Class 2

  • specifying a document class
  • external ActionScript code
  • creating classed library items
  • creating a Global Static class for persistent storage and interdocument communication
  • embedding in a webpage with swfobject2.2
  • communication with javascript

Week 9

Class 3

  • working with event listeners
  • iterating over an object or array
  • passing function references as parameters
  • working with the Caurina tweener class.

Class 4

  • using a swf as a navigation menu
  • loading ajax content using jQuery
  • Loading one flash movie into another

Week 10

Class 5 PRO608a Summer - Class Project 1

Work alone or in pairs.

Create a flash project that runs within a browser. It can be navigation, a game of some sort, interactive art, something that takes advantage of the graphic or interactive nature of flash.

Some ideas of elements to include are:

  • Collision Detection
  • Keyboard interaction
  • Mouse Following
  • Puzzle logic
  • Constrained dragging
  • physics engine
  • Server side code interaction
  • XML or JSON driven content

Include a short explanation of what you are trying to achieve with your project, and what points of interest can be found in your code.

Class 6

Marking scheme for Class Project 1

40% - complexity of attempted functionality

30% - Functionality of code (does it work?)

10% - Appropriate use of flash abilities

20% - Elegance of code

Week 11

Week 12

savecode save.php

getcode get.php

Assignment 2:

For assignment 2, Create a project that shows that you understand the basics of posting data to a server and retrieving it later. You can start with the DataSample.fla in the download, or use it as a guideline. Implement some new functionality that alters the base code (ie, alters the type or amount of data being sent), or adds server interaction to another project. You can use the get and set pages at on the server side, or use your own server-side code.


Test 1 Review