PGO Related Bugs

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Project Name

PGO Related Bugs

Project Description

Firefox crashes or experiences bugs after creating PGO builds on Windows. The focus of this project is to determine what is causing these crashes or bugs and either patch/fix them or find solutions to allow for the optimizations without incurring the problems.

Project Leader(s)

Chris Bishop

Project Contributor(s)

- None so far but that will change.

NOTE: only Project Leader(s) should add names here. You can’t add your own name to the Contributor list.

Project Details

Details to come...

Project News

Met with Ted Mielczarek ( Sept 15th, 2008 )

    On Tuesday after the conference was over I met with Ted and we discussed how I can get started on the PGO Project.

Created First Build ( Sept 17th, 2008 )

    I walked through the Mozilla documentation for how to build Firefox. I started here with getting the source code and continued until I received errors. Humph and Ted on IRC helped me sort it out and I successfully build Firefox.

Created Project Page ( Sept 18th, 2008 )

    I created this page for the project and added it to the list of Projects.