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  1. Try OpenShift Online
  2. Get OpenShift Origin


Try OpenShift Online

You can try out OpenShift for free with OpenShift Online. Just sign up for an OpenShift Online account and create your first application in minutes. You need to provide a valid email address when signing up for an OpenShift online account.

Create a WordPress App on your free gear with your first name as part of the site title. e.g. "Raymond's Blog".

Show the URL of your WordPress App URL to your professor.

Collect the following information after creating your first App on OpenShift

  • Procedure to make code changes to your app. (need a git client)
  • Information about installing and using rhc (RedHat Client tool) - Try this link
  • Manage your application from the command line Guide
  • Command to ssh to your application container - e.g. "ssh"

Get OpenShift Origin

There are two ways to implement OpenShift on your own hardware:

Try the first option using a VM in you CentOS 6.x host and show it to your professor.

The second option will take some times and efforts to complete. If you are taking OPS635, this will be part of your assignment 1.

OpenShift Resource on the web