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* [[User:Cdolivei|Cesar Oliveira]] (cesar)
* [[User:Cdolivei|Cesar Oliveira]] (cesar)
* [[User:Sherman|Sherman Fernandes]] (sjfern)
* [[User:Sherman|Sherman Fernandes]] (sjfern)
* [[User:JasonSpiro|Jason Spiro]] (jspiro)
== Project Details ==
== Project Details ==

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Project Name

MediaWiki Administration

Project Description

Configure and maintain our wiki.

Project Leader(s)

David Humphrey (dave or humph)

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details


  1. General audit of LocalSettings.php (/var/www/html/wiki) for config settings that should be set
  2. Add spam filtering
  3. Add File/Upload for images -- needs to be done carefully!
  4. Explore Extensions that might be useful for us. Speak with dria/sancus about their experience on MDC.
  5. Coordinate selecting and adding an Icon/Image for the wiki to replace the lovely but annoying "Set $wgLogo to the URL path..."
  6. Add an icon for the wiki. Use one of these: http://cs1.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Talk:Main_Page#Adding_a_Favicon

Project News

  • Andrew attempted to add spam filtering, following the advice of dria and sancus. However, since MDC isn't currently using MediaWiki 1.7, the extension they use isn't working in our installation.
  • Sept 25, 2006 - Cesar helped prepare a list of IPs for our labs to send to Stuart so we don't get blocked by irc.mozilla.org. Thanks!