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Introduction to OpenOffice Writer Calc Base Impress Math Draw Chart

OpenOffice Extensions


What are extensions? Writer extensions Calc extensions Base extensions Impress extensions Math extensions Draw extensions Chart extensions

How to install extensions

Using extensions

Developing extensions

Checklist for developing an extension

Preparing development environment



This is tutorial is to set up a Java development platform on Windows.

You will need the following software: SDK


Make sure you install OpenOffice and the SDK before running Netbeans.

First Open Netbeans and go to:

Tools -> Plugins

Go the Available Plugins tab and look for API Plugin and check the box beside it.

It will prompt you to install and click the Install button on the bottom of the list.

The plugin will install. To change the setting for the plugin go to:

Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> OOo API Plugin

There you will see the directory path to the installation of both OO and The SDK. If you need to change it then you can make the corrections here.


Solaris ?

Programming languages for developing an extension






CLI SDK (Software Development Kit) API (Application Programming Interface)

UNO (Universal Network Objects)


[[1]] asa

UNO Concepts


UNO Architecture

UNO Architecture Introduction

UNO Architecture Diagrams

Related technologies/ frameworks

Factory Pattern Design

UNO Interfaces

UNO Language Bindings


Creating a simple Hello World extension for Writer

Creating a simple extension for Calc

Creating a simple extension for Base

Creating a simple extension for Impress

Sample codes

sample code 1

sample code 2

sample code 3

Resources / Links

OpenOffice UX (User Experience)

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OpenOffice UI (User Interface)

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