Potential Projects

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Potential Projects


Wiki Editor

  1. read online wiki article and parse to ODF format, and allow editing in
  2. parse ODF format to wiki code and save back to wiki site ( version 3 comes with export as wiki code)
  3. a version comparison feature in

Use Case Specification Generator

  1. generate use case specification skeleton from a UML file

Base Additional Stored-Procedures/Functions

  1. From Oracle: DECODE, INITCAP (Sure there are others)
  3. From MySQL: LPAD, RPAD

Smart Tags

Phone Dialing directly from writer (is it already implemented?)

I was wondering if there is any smart tag already written that recognizes phone numbers and allows the user to select the app or device to dial the phonenumber (i.e. use skype, modem....) so far couldn't find anything.


Python Scriptablity project

  1. a set of helper classes etc. that simplifies the general work with the API from Python
  2. a tool or tooling to create oxt packages containing Python macros + other oxt relevant files (description.xml, manifest, xcu, dialogs resources ...)
  3. enhanced codemaker tool to generate Python skeletons simlair to Java/C++
  4. thinking about an IDE support for Python scripting in for example NetBeans where some Python integration work is ongoing. Cool would be edit, deploy and debug features ...

Save as ODF for Web Application

  1. create a library for web application to save article as ODF file and download; for example, save wiki article to ODF (Wiki on Paper project), blog article and so on